Studying needs focus. Whether you are a senior student getting a Ph.D. or still in high school, maintaining focus while studying can be a challenge. Be it challenges in time management, distraction from social media or a combination of both, this article will equip you with techniques and ideas that will help reduce the challenges you face when studying. 

With the ongoing global pandemic, learning is facing challenges never experienced before. Learning from home and losing the focus that comes with in-class learning has proven to be catastrophic for many students. Read on to find out how you can stay focused when studying. 

Find a Favorable Environment

Location matters when it comes to studying. Finding a suitable environment where you can be productive is crucial for any successful study session. It all depends on what environment works best for you. For instance, some might prefer studying in the library, while others might be okay with the light bustle of a restaurant. You need to find an environment that is ideal for you and get going. No matter the kind of environment you prefer, always ensure that it has these aspects:

  • Comfort: The location should have enough space to hold all the study materials and still have room for you to operate comfortably.
  • Outlets: When using devices like your computer to study, you need to ensure that the location has power supply. This will prevent the need for you to wake up and look for one— something that can break your flow of study.
  • Ideal seating: When looking for a place to study, it is recommended that you go for a place with necessary furniture to sustain long sitting hours. Whether you are using a desk chair with a comfortable back support, standing desk or exercise ball, sitting straight has shown to be effective in increasing confidence and energy levels. It also enhances your overall mood. Seating in a bad position can affect your brain functionality hence lack of focus. 

Block Distracting Sites

For many students, distractive sites are the biggest hindrances to a productive and focused study session. You have a clear plan to study but before you get started, you get a message from social media that consumes several hours of your study time. Such distractions can significantly affect your study. Study shows that on average, it takes around 20 minutes to refocus after getting distracted. 

One of the best ways to avoid such distractions is using site blockers. There exist many site blockers that will allow you to temporarily block sites you find distractive. Freedom is one of the most common site blockers. It can be used to block sites and apps across Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linus and Chromebook devices. All you need to do is select sites you find distracted when studying, choose your device, specify the time you want them blocked, and you will be good to go. Such site blockers make it easier to study without constant distraction from the platforms you like. You can also align the blocks to your study schedule so that they automatically block sites when you start studying. 

Create a Study Ritual

When it comes to maintaining focus while studying, it is important that you create a study ritual that will help you find your focus and flow. One of the best ways to do so is by having a pre-study ritual that involves activities like closing the door, clearing your desk, getting all the study materials, listening to some music and writing a to-do list. Taking a few minutes to prepare the study area will not only prepare you physically but also train your brain to focus effortlessly. Are you having challenges structuring your routine or ritual? Let’s see how a morning routine can help. 

Starting your day with an early morning walk or just getting outside the house for a fresh breath of air can be very helpful. These activities will get your blood pumping and get out any restless energy. You can improve your study sessions by introducing a few activities you enjoy. For example, your pre-study ritual can be stretching, dancing, journaling, lighting a candle, listening to music, among others. Regardless of what you choose to do, the key is finding the perfect mood for your study session. Your mind needs to be focused and relaxed throughout the study session.

Use Relaxers

Sometimes, you can be feeling stressed and anxious. It is recommended that you get over this feel before studying but sometimes, you have to struggle through it because of exams or CATs. Luckily, there is a way you can help get rid of the stress within a short period. CBD products are one of the best ways you can alleviate stress and anxiety. These products contain antidepressant hormones that will help your mind stay focused when studying. There are different ways you can take CBD products, but vaping is the most recommended. Vaporizers at Zamnesia make it easy to intake these products, leading to faster effects.


Studying without focus is not effective. Use the various tips discussed in this article for better focus and productive study sessions.