Did you know that in 2019 the USA put 5.1 million tons of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere?

Each year the effects of climate change and man’s effects on the earth’s atmosphere and environment become more and more evident.

Have you considered how much you are contributing to this? Did you know that you may be able to reduce your footprint and save money?

Why not check out our in-depth article regarding how to calculate a carbon footprint? You might just find that it can help you make some environmentally healthy decisions.

Using an Online Calculator

Your carbon footprint is calculated by looking at the use you make of a number of industries that create greenhouse gases and other pollutants. However, you do not need to be worried, you are not alone to calculate this.

If you have the right information, you can make use of a number of online calculators.

You will need to have the following information to hand to calculate your carbon footprint:

  • Your average monthly power bill, including kilowatts
  • Your monthly gas consumption
  • Other monthly fuel bills such as coal or oil
  • The make, model, and year of your car
  • Your average monthly or annual mileage
  • If you travel by airplane frequently some online calculators will ask for information regarding your annual Airmiles

As you can tell, many of the factors that influence your carbon footprint are related to home heating and power. This is one of the clear advantages of solar power.

Immediately you can remove these factors and thus drop your carbon footprint. If you are seriously looking to reduce your carbon footprint, solar should be your first priority.

Now that we know what information you will need, what online calculators are available, and what are the differences between them?


If you are looking for a carbon footprint calculator that examines your daily lifestyle and habits then EPA may be for you. In addition to the factors that we have discussed above it also considers how your personal habits affect your footprint.

It further considers how your location and the waste you create affect the carbon dioxide you create. Why not check out what green living rating the EPA calculator gives you?

Terra Pass

Terra Pass allows you to create an accurate assessment of your carbon footprint based on your activities in the last 12 months. Terra Pass allows you to drill down to quite some level of detail including the type of vehicle you drive and even the food you buy.

If you are looking for an accurate assessment of your personal carbon footprint based on your personal choices then this is for you.

Learn How to Calculate a Carbon Footprint and Much More

Are you are environmentally conscious and looking to meet green goals in the next few years? Then learning how to calculate a carbon footprint is a great first step.

It can help you to identify key milestones to help you save the environment from your backyard. Further, it will also help you to identify government incentives along the way.

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