Winter. It’s cold, wet, dark, and sometimes considered to be a rather bleak time of year. All you want to do is get home from work and wrap yourself up in a blanket in front of the television with a cup of hot chocolate. But wouldn’t it be better to have someone there to snuggle up next to? Summer may have all the colours and the common associations with love like flowers and sunshine, but winter is the more popular choice for romantic comedies due to the magic feeling surrounding Christmas. For this reason, the colder months of the year could be the perfect time to get on the dating scene.

The Evidence

If you’re someone who prefers to do your swooning and courting when the days are longer and the climate is more agreeable, you may want to switch your tactics and go in search of some winter love instead. Recent research suggests that sexual attraction can change throughout the year, and the results may not be what you expect.

The research, described by DR. Justin Miller, found that men’s sexual attraction towards women’s’ bodies increased in the winter months, not in summer. The conclusion of this was that because women are not revealing as much of their bodies in the winter, it leaves more to the imagination and skin is considered novel because it is seen more rarely.

Along with this compelling evidence, the fact that so many romantic comedies are set over Christmas time simply can’t be ignored. Last Christmas, Groundhog Day, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and Love Actually were all set during the winter holidays. The Christmas lights, jolly songs, and general merriment of this time of year provide the perfect backdrop to dating, which has been depicted well in these iconic love stories. Indeed, anyone interested in dating over Christmas time can feel as though they are acting in their very own romantic comedy.

Ideas for Winter Romance

When you realise that dating in the colder months makes perfect sense, you need to brainstorm a few winter date ideas. Some of the examples recommended by experts – and ones that would most definitely be seen in a Hugh Grant film – include going ice skating, seeing the lights, and frolicking in the snow. But where are the best places to do this in the capital?

There are numerous places to enjoy an ice skating date in London. One of the coolest places (literally) to enjoy this pastime is the Hampton Court Palace ice skating rink. At night time it is lit up with neon and the background of the architectural masterpiece is stunning.

England’s largest city is probably the best place to see Christmas lights as well. Taking a date down Oxford Street or Regent Street to see the festive decorations is sure to put some magical sparks into your meeting. As for snow, a good place to chuck a few snowballs at your potential future partner would be Trafalgar Square or Hyde Park.

Winter can be a magical time if you avoid the pitfall of letting the extended darkness get you down. For this reason, continuing to look for the one and go on dates could be an excellent way to keep those happiness levels up. Who knows, you may soon find someone to join you for a cosy evening wrapped up in a blanket by the fire.