There’s few greater feelings than giving a gift, particularly a gift that someone truly loves. What makes the process truly complete is to ensure that it’s as personal as possible. This isn’t just so the person receiving the gift knows it’s from you, but it’s also your chance to say a little extra something special and provide that extra level of connection.

Whether it’s personalising the gift itself, the packaging it comes in, or choosing some of the best personalised envelopes Ireland has to offer, you have a lot of choices.

Personalising the gift itself

Personalising the gift gives you a lot of options. Depending on the nature of the gift you’re getting, you can have it engraved with the recipient’s name, a special message, or even an in-joke between the two of you. It doesn’t have to be limited to just words, either.

Many gifts, such as cushion covers and ornaments, allow you to upload personal photos too. This means that whether you’re going for something that’s going to be displayed or something that you intend to be used, there are many options for making it that little bit more personal.

Personalising the packaging

The gift itself is only half the story, you should also think about what you can do to personalise the packaging your gift is going to come in. If you’re sending a card for example, you can personalise the envelope it’s going to arrive in. If the person has a favourite colour, a favourite design, or you want to cover the envelope with a personalised message you can do it all.

It adds that extra layer of individuality to the gift with in, and makes the whole thing feel that much more personal. Similarly there are options available for customising the wrapping paper or gift box your gift will be in.

Choosing the right tone

The final thing to consider is the message itself – and for that, it’s truly up to you. Think of your relationship with the person you’re sending the gift to. Do you have a more formal relationship? Or are you closer friends/family? Let that guide you as to whether you simply articulate your feelings yourself, or you choose to focus on a shared joke and happy memories.

Let your instinct guide you and you’re sure to make the right decision. Whatever you decide the format should take, there are customisation options aplenty to ensure your gift says everything you want it to.