As a parent in one of the most challenging cities in the world, you’d sure want all the help you can get when it comes to managing the kids.  E-readers hold a lot of promise on this front. This piece takes a look at why you should get an e-reader for your child straight away.

Books Will Last Longer…

…And you will save yourself the time you would have spent on lecturing about preservation. Like all other items they love, books take a pounding from kids.  They go from brand new to worn out and tired in a matter of days. E-books deal with this problem because the books are indestructible. Back up options also remove the possibility of losing the book to erroneous deletion. Of course the e-reader can get damaged but that’s why there are special protective cases meant to protect them. How do you protect printed books against the invariable beating? Not even laminating every page is good enough.

More Book Options

From interesting educative books like those from Plane Characters to comics and purely entertainment books, there is no limit to the type of books you can buy for your kids with an e-reader. The limitless option saves you time that would have otherwise been spent at the local bookshop or the library.

Improved Vocabulary

Most e-readers feature built-in dictionaries. Learning new words is as simple as tapping the particular word to bring up its definitions.

Save Money And Time Spent On Hospitals And Medications

When waiting at the reception with your kids, the tattered books handed over to them have been handled by hundreds of other little hands. They are, therefore, a hotbed for germs. With an e-reader, you can keep your child’s hands away from those books. Additionally, you can easily wipe off the e-reader when it is time to disinfect, unlike paperbacks.  Think about how many hours you can save by cutting down on doctor appointments for the kids!

It Maintains The Gadget Lust

Separating today’s children from their gadgets is difficult. You risk drawing angst from them if you do so. Handing them an e-reader makes it easy to retain the gadget-induced satisfaction while taking them away from their portable game consoles for instance.

We have established the advantages of getting an e-reader but how can you make it work?

  • Have distinctions: You should be clear about gadget ownership if you have more than one child or if you have a child that is still too young to take responsibility for a gadget such as an e-reader.  You should equally set limits for when they can or cannot use the gadgets.
  • Explore the borrowing option: E-books are often cheaper than paperbacks but you can save money even further by borrowing instead. There are lots of books that you can borrow in online bookstores.
  • Avoid an e-reader without a keyboard: With a keyboard, kids can easily shop for books without your consent. Even though you can return books, you can save yourself the time and money by going the touchscreen route.

An e-reader can certainly improve your life as a parent by freeing up a few more hours for you while improving the overall well-being of your child.