Ultimately, the point of redecorating is to change the appearance and feel of your interior. Achieving this can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to choosing what style or theme to go with. In order to nail a complete transformation, you need to go all out by putting all of your creativity into the project. While this helps, there are some changes that you could make, which will stand out as evidence of a true makeover.

Changing Your Wall Covering

Changing your wall covering is a sure way to transforming the appearance and feel of your interior. This may be done by repainting or using wallpapers. Most of the time, the difference between an airy and cosy room, and a room with a dramatic feel to it, lies in the colour of the walls, or the pattern of the wall paper. Whichever wall covering you opt for, the varieties to choose from in texture and colour are limitless. There are some factors to consider when deciding between painting your walls or using a wallpaper.  For the sake of versatility, however, and in order to fully utilize your space, combining both offers you the best of both worlds.



New curtains are always a noticeable feature in your newly redecorated interior. When chosen correctly and made to specification, they add character to your space. Experts at Homestyle Interiors advice that a combination of the right colour, fabric, pattern, length and lining determines the overall effect that the curtain has on the room. So how do you choose?

Consider functionality. Curtains are a natural extension of your room and so, the general colour theme of your interior should be reflected on your curtains. While this is important, picking window curtains is not solely for aesthetic purposes. Some curtain fabrics offer more privacy than others. This should inform whether or not you decide to go for a dense or sheer fabric.

Dress Your Floors

Using floor coverings such as a carpet or rug will surely transform your interior. Rugs add texture and personality to your space, and provide an opportunity for you to incorporate patterns and colour to your interior design, from which you can gradually build a complementing colour theme for the rest of the interior to create harmony. For a striking effect, the carpet should be in contrasting colours of the walls.

Cushion Covers

The cushion cover is an important element in transforming your interior, for a number of reasons. For example, they can easily be changed. This means that when you replace your cushion covers, it gives a different look to your interior. In addition, you can switch up the colours of the covers, or have them compliment the colours of other elements in the room such as the curtains or carpet for example, which has the potential of creating a different effect.

The interesting aspect of embarking upon an interior design project, is that there is no limit to how creative you can get. Feel free to go by your rules as far as they create the desired effect: a noticeable change in your interior.