No matter what sort of business you own, it’s important that it gets the right marketing to expose it to a wider audience. That’s why it’s important that you follow the latest marketing trends that have been helping new businesses throughout 2019.  Here are our top suggestions that will help your business thrive amongst its competition.

Content Marketing

One of the main phrases that you can base your marketing on is “content is king.” Basically, it means that your written content on your website is the main way you’re going to draw in an audience. That means it has to be flawless and inform your readers of your product from the moment they read your website. You need to appeal to their emotions and provoke interest. That is what is going to keep your product sticking in their minds.

The main goal of your content is to try and make your audience interact and respond with it. This is what is known as active content. Active content interests your audience and makes them want to stay on your website. To do this you may want to include interactive content on your website in the form of videos, audio, quizzes and polls. Not only will this lower the bounce rate of your website, but if you create some truly original content, there is a chance of it going viral.

Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, if you go on any sort of social media website, you will find that there are influencers who have a powerful influence over their audience. If you are looking to expand your customer base or show that you are a business that can be trusted, an influencer can reach out to their fans and recommend your products to them. They can also give you advice on how you can strengthen your social media campaign and how you can reach out to certain audience group. If you depend on them, or potentially a very strong influencer marketing agency, socially powerful influencers work alongside, you may find that your customer circle will grow.


Instead of having a receptionist on call 24/7, you can install a chatbot that can answer all of your client’s questions quickly and efficiently. Not only that but they can be asked questions at any time, meaning that your clients will get a high-quality service at any time during the evening. This will encourage people to stay on your website to find out more information about your services. Better yet, as they will be interacting with your website, this will improve your bounce rate!


If you’re looking to stand out amongst your competition in 2019, you need to appeal to your customers on an emotional level. That means you need to make your marketing strategy appeal to them by personalizing emails, products and your content. You don’t just want to blast them with generic adverts. Take a look at your customer’s data, like purchase history, consumer behaviour and links clicked. From there you can see what appeals to your clients and how you can influence them.