When a webinar was held to discuss the topic of how startups and small businesses have the opportunity to use technological assistance in order to enhance their business, there were a number of interesting topics that emerged from the discussion where the impact was discussed on wide scale. Let us have a look at the key points and most crucial tips provided by the panel of four entrepreneurs who have achieved success in this route.

How Can Technology Increase Sales?

The process of using technology to attain more sales and generate more income is one of the first queries that aroused from Samantha Burgher, an entrepreneur who is the owner of Fabulous Dress Ladies. She said that she had a new online small scale wedding and other special occasion clothing store. She wanted to know how she could use technological support to get more sales for her business.

Craig Lister, who is the MD of MAP UK and International, answered her question by notifying that her business required to give a consideration to look at Search Engine Optimization, after he had searched for the site. He recommended her to make a research on the keywords used to look for the business. He also advised to experiment with a Facebook page or Twitter advertises. These would make her small business appear in front of more people which will bring more customers and eventually generate more business for her.

Other Factors to Consider

Prioritizing online marketing and advertising expense was also brought up during the discussion. Nowadays, one has so many options of available tools online with the capability to blend cost free social networking exposure with paid advertising. So it has become quite a difficult task for people to make their important decision regarding where they should invest their money and efforts.

Aul Wightman, who is the top head at Indigo Dingo, made a valuable suggestion that businesses needed to start by looking and aiming at their target market. They should consider what the platforms that they are engaging with are comprised of. He also added that any video is always worthy of an investigation because it does not require the expense of a lot of money. Startups and small business owners must not feel the necessity to do at least something with each and every platform. A small business owner should consider the pros and cons before investing in any platform and must consider whether the investment in the platform will be worth the time, effort and expense.

Simon Burckhardt is associated in UK MD Vonage and he also added to this topic that it is very crucial for any startup to keep the impact in mind regarding any off-line marketing or networking. These usually run along with the more usually talked about digital instruments and tools so these demand to be looked at, never overlooked.

Options, Tools and Many More

Technology can help to reduce the obstacles and barriers that hinder you from starting up. We have seen a huge number of startups and small businesses emerging during the last few years. Entrepreneurism is now increasing as a completely practicable career option and opportunity. A huge driving force behind this trend is the introduction of platforms and technologies which have shaped almost each and every available startup.

These are the tools that can assist all startups to not only save their money but also to level the playing field. In this discussion, Bertie Stephens, who is the CEO and founder of Flubit, Wightman, Lister and Burckhardt has discussed the technological impact on new emerging businesses and what they think about it.