Why your organisation needs to ditch the stagnant work environment and head to one of London’s parks for a fun-filled team building day.

If you’re struggling to improve productivity in your London-based company, then you might need to look beyond the four walls that make up your work space. Sitting at desks for long periods of time is known to be unhealthy, and when coupled with stagnant air that doesn’t circulate properly, this is a recipe for fatigue and foggy heads. A 2017 study conducted by Harvard University proves the link between office air quality and lack of productivity, with employees who were breathing better air demonstrating improved decision-making.

So, if your organisation could do with some fresh thinking, it’s time to head outdoors and breathe in some fresh air while engaging in these team building activities, all of which can be carried out in one of London’s parks.

Garden Games

What better way to encourage collaboration amongst your team members than to indulge in some traditional garden games? Simply split your staff into small teams and choose your activities based on the amount of space available to you. If you head to one of London’s larger parks, such as Hyde Park or Richmond Park, then you should have no difficulty in claiming an area for your rounders or cricket game. A smaller park space would be the perfect place to hold a tournament of Giant Jenga and Giant Connect 4 games. You can even throw in a friendly game of quoits or dominoes for good measure.

The beauty of these garden games is that the majority of your staff will already be well acquainted with how to play these childhood favourites, and will love the nostalgia while having fun with colleagues outside of the stale office environment.

It’s A Knockout

Do you remember the TV game show at its peak in the 70s? This outdoor team building event ups the competitive spirit while increasing the silliness factor which was synonymous with the programme. Your employees will absolutely love the informal atmosphere as they dress up in ridiculous inflatable costumes and partake in hilarious events such as relays through tunnels or having water-filled sponges thrown at them. Barriers between managerial staff and entry-level roles will be well and truly broken down as everyone races to get across the finish line.

Sports Day

This isn’t just for your kids; the nature of these simple events is that everyone can get involved and they’re just as much fun now as when you were 7 years old. You’ll need a few accessories such as giant sacks, beanbags and eggs & spoons for those staple events from your childhood. But for an added twist, why not try some backwards long-jumping, blindfolded sprinting, and welly wanging? Your employees will be grinning from ear to ear as they receive their winners’ medals. You might discover some hidden skills in your staff members too – look out for who excels in leadership as well as motivation and encouraging the rest of the team.

Summer is the perfect time for a change of environment and to increase fresh thinking in your employees. For best results, don’t just make this an annual date in the calendar; set up regular opportunities to get outside of the office and work together as a team.