Customers like to hear your story. They want to know every little detail about your business that will make it sound better and look genuine. They like to hear a well thought off plot written in a language that is close to them. You should never underestimate the effect of a powerful story and take it for granted. The story is the thing that will sell so you need to come up with something that customers will find interesting enough to make a step towards your business. Your story needs to be a combination of reality and your imagination ornamented with playfulness that will tackle the customers.

Here is some help on how to write your story and which elements you should include.

The Start of Your Business

The first logical thing would be to tell the world about the beginnings of your business. You need the “once upon a time” element that will describe how dull everything was up until your business was created. You can mention how your clients were completely lost and ignorant before your company started offering their services; or you can say that the products you have placed on the market have changed people’s lives. There is no need to have a serious tone and be formal. Instead be friendly and approach the audience with an engaging content that will be fun and will make them laugh.

A Hero Within

As any good story, your story will also need to have a hero. Who will be your hero? What would your hero be like? What are their superpowers? Is it a he or a she? Is it a powerful creature that will conquer the world? Let your imagination go wild. There is nothing you can lose. In fact your approach can make you likable and help you attract more customers.

Surpassing the Challenges

We’ve got the hero, now we need an obstacle. Every hero fights against something. What will be your trap? The kryptonite? A horrific dragon that destroys everything that comes on its way? Identify the obstacle and find the proper words to describe it. The bigger the obstacle is, the better the story would be. Feel free to exaggerate and make an elephant out of a mouse. Surely the problem that your customers will have won’t be something that requires Supermen to fly over, but it is still something you have the power to do. And if you are the only one that can do that, then you might as well be a super hero.

Once you have the obstacle you will need to find the best way to overcome it. Define your method of solving the problems that come on your way. Show the customers that you are different from anybody else who attempted to solve the problem and failed. Tell them about your super powers.

Solutions to Offer

After all these elements are covered we are coming to the “happily ever after” type of ending, a usual way to end a story. This is the time when you tell your customers the difference you’ve made in their lives. Use your imagination and play with the words. There are many analogies you can use that even though might look funny at first they can show customers how important you believe your contribution is. If you believe in yourself and in your story, they will believe in it too.

After you cover every aspect of your story and provide details on the events that took place go through your writing. It is very important that you focus on editing your story and making it sound more natural. Look for words and expressions that are a bit too much and remove them. If something doesn’t sound right to you, it has to go. Listen to your instinct, as you will probably get it right. Read out loud and put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Are the words you are saying something you would expect to hear if you were a customer? Would this story convince you that the business has a potential and it is worth your time? The good story remains stuck in our minds forever and we feel the urge to tell it over and over again. Give customers a story they want to hear and they will do the work for you.