Building links can be an overwhelming task. Nofollow links, analysing relevant websites and blah, blah, blah.

It’s already tough enough to create relevant and valuable contentright? Let’s simplify this.

I’m going to help you connect the dots. In an easy-to-understand kind of way.

Read more below about the best strategies for building links for your business!


The Importance Of Link Building

If you’re trying to get your business onto the first page of Google’s search results – you need a link building strategy. Link city is the industry leader when it comes to link building.

Your website is ranked on Google and other search engines according to how many links point to your site. It also factors in the quality of the links.

The more authoritative sites that are trustworthy linking to you, the higher your chances are of ranking highly on the search results.

Simply put, people are more likely to trust you if other sites are linking to you. This will increase traffic, make you seem more credible and generate revenue. It’s a win-win.

Best Link Building Strategies

Site owners take note. This is where the magic happens. This is that special recipe for success.

Introducing the best link building strategies you need to implement RIGHT NOW.

High-quality Guest Blogging

I’m sure you’ve heard of guest posts before? Well, in a nutshell – write blog posts with valuable content for other websites to publish on their sites or blog.

A guest post can work wonders!

Why? Because your really awesome blog post contains a link to your own site. The better the post, the more traffic is likely to see your link and visit it!

You’ve got to be strategic though – only write posts for sites in the same industry or niche as you. Be selective – choose high authority sites and attracts your audience.

It needs to be relatable and credible, search engines are smart!

Increase Your Social Media Engagement

If you’re not using social media you’re doing it wrong! Seriously.

There’s so much potential to expand growth and tap into your target audience.

People are exposed to your brand through posts and content you’re sharing.

Boost your traffic by sharing your content with people who will consequently share your content again and again and again. It’s the perfect strategy!

This improves your link building efforts and enhances your brand’s reach and visibility.

Create A Resource Page

Ever heard of the saying ‘you’ve gotta give to get‘?

Well, that’s kind of what creating a resource page is.

If you want more links pointing to your site, create a resource page that mentions other sites.

Always compile a resource page relative to your niche.

For example, create a resource page about the 50 Best Restaurants In Manchester.

Then send each restaurant you mentioned an email with the link – they’ll likely link back to your webpage!

See? Super simple!

It’s an easy link building tactic that works!

Utilize The Broken Links Strategy

Broken link building is one of the most common link building strategies!

This is something anyone can do right away!

If you’re too busy to write loads of engaging posts – reach out to web pages that have dead links.

If they have broken links or a dead linking page, send them an email with your quality links.

They’ll be more than happy to replace the broken link and backlink to your site instead (if your content is an appropriate fit).


Can I Improve My Search Engine Rankings By Using Only One Link Building Strategy?

Yes, of course! All of these strategies work well.

Search engine optimization relies on applying link building strategies that work for you.

I’ve done the hard research and testing to give you strategies that genuinely work.

Can I Backlink To Any Site?

Yup! You don’t need permission from a site to backlink to them. It’s free traffic for them and who says no to free traffic? Woohoo!



Whether you’re creating a resource page linking to relevant sites or trying to create engaging guest postsyour link building strategy will pay off!

I’ve identified the top link building strategies to help you kickstart the road to domain authority and LOADS of traffic. Don’t sweat it, I’ve got you covered.

There are some amazing free tools you can use to help you along the way too.

Just remember to apply the strategies, be consistent and then you’ll reap the rewards for your business!