London is known and loved as a city of opportunity and diversity. However, this means you may well be spoiled for choice when deciding which career to embark on, particularly if you are open to exploring roles in different sectors. With London accounting for the lion’s share of job applications, it’s a popular location to embark on your next professional move. However, there are a few industries which are particularly suited to the capital with good chances of progression.


If there’s one thing that’s iconic about The Big Smoke, it’s the variety of architecture and infrastructure to be found across the city. Buildings may be commercial, residential, or even historical, and they all need work and maintenance.

This means pursuing a role in trade could be potentially lucrative. Consider a career in this industry as an installer so you’re more likely to have a regular flow of jobs and a consistent pipeline. The heating industry is likely to take off soon due to UK climate targets, so getting into this area now could set you up well for the future.  


London is a financial centre for the entire of the UK, with such hubs as the well-regarded Canary Wharf. Many nationwide businesses have headquarters or major offices in London, including banks and investment firms. Likewise, London is associated with a lot of high-net-worth individuals who need financial advice.

All this equates to a prime prospect for a career in finance. If you have mathematical skills, you can go far in London. As well as banking institutions and organisations, you can find a lot of opportunities in technology due to an array of investors on your doorstep. 


All food lovers will find a paradise in London. Name any cuisine, hospitality idea, big catering brand or culinary idea and you’ll find it here.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or looking for training openings, London offers it all. Chefs of global renown have a base in the capital, with many highly rated and Michelin-starred restaurants at your fingertips.

Other opportunities in hospitality include roles in hotels, entertainment venues, event spaces and tourist sites.

Things to consider

Since London rent is notoriously high, you may find yourself living further out from the city itself. You’ll likely make use of public transport too, given that private driving in the City of London is kept to a minimum with the Congestion Charge and Ultra Low Emission Zones. Think about when, how and where you’d like to travel when browsing for roles to make sure your lifestyle will suit your needs.

If you’re not a UK national, make sure you have permission to work in London, as rules have changed in recent years.