Online shopping for sex toys is not only easy, but it’s also extremely popular. There are so many discreet and empowering online sex toy stores, it’s easy to level up your self-care game. Or, if you already are, it’s easy to enhance your current level of fun. But what are the best sex toy shops you may be asking?

With today’s advanced technology, there is no need for sex toys to be loud or clunky. Sex toys are now sleek, stylish and discreet, making them an ideal addition to your bedroom play or your solo masturbatory adventures.

The truth is, from all the stuff we secretly search for on the Internet and visit online when no one is watching, we’re a really sexual and imaginative lot who love to experiment in the bedroom.

With the growing popularity of “kinky” and “dirty” toys, gadgets and gear, the demand for fun and adventurous play has never been greater. If you haven’t gotten yourself sex toys online, or you’re just not using the one you’ve got, now’s the time to get wild and start having some fun.

Buying sexy, fun products for yourself and your lover can be an extremely pleasurable experience. Whether you’re a nervous beginner or someone who doesn’t want to be shamed for a kink, finding the right online sex toy shops may seem too intimidating. But if you really want to satisfy your sexual desires, shopping for the best sex toys in a mainstream store won’t cut it. You need to branch out and explore the best online sex shops.

Just remember that you must always use silicone body-safe toys. They should always be made from food-grade silicone. Bargain vibes might be a false economy when it comes to your sexual health, so all the websites that we have listed below have a good range of body-safe toys.

It’s easy to get lost in the details when it comes to choosing a good sex toy at adult shops. However, in this article, we will be displaying the best online sex shops that offer the most amazing products and services. Each of these websites offers products for him, her and couples. Don’t worry about confidentiality and discretion, as all these websites assure you of maintaining privacy, both in shipping and during billing.

If you want the best selection of high-quality, stylish, effective and discreet sex toys, there’s no better place to order from than from many of the sex toy shops we feature in this article.  Whether you’re looking for something for yourself, your lover, or someone else, there are many stylish, discreet and effective sex toy sites to order from. Thanks to the internet, you can shop for them from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Wicked Tickles

Who They Are

Wicked Tickle is a lingerie and sexual wellness company that is one of the best sex toy shops around. They offer great products to give you sexual liberation and self-confidence no matter your gender, sexuality, or relationship status. is an excellent source for sex toys, lingerie, fetish gear and accessories. Their huge selection and super-competitive prices make it impossible to find a bad deal anywhere on their site. They carry a wide variety of sex toys and lingerie to keep you happy and excited. Whether you just want to gently touch a special part of your lover’s body or you want to scratch that deep itch that’s been bothering you, they have all the products you need.

They aim to provide a fun, non-judgemental and safe place where people can explore their sexuality in a positive manner and without fear of being punished for their desires.

What they sell

They sell a huge range of sex toys online for your sexual pleasure, so have a look through their catalogue of vibrators, dildos, male sex toys, anal toys, remote control toys, love eggs & jiggle balls, adult toy sets, masturbator gift sets, & much more.

In the sale section, you’ll find cheap adult toys at a big discount. You can find the perfect vibrator, dildo or other adult toys at a price that won’t break the bank. They also stock high-end products in our luxury category. Their online retail is very fast and secure, and their discreet packaging and delivery ensure your purchases are shipped directly to you.

Why It’s Great

They are a sex toy shop that caters for beginners, advanced users and those who want to spice things up in their romances with sexy lingerie, toys and aphrodisiacs. They’re for people who’ve been married for years and want to spice things up, or who are newly in love and need some romantic surprises.

They are committed to all of our customers to deliver high-quality products and customer service, to make your experience a pleasant one at every opportunity.

At their adult shops, they strive to have a large selection of adult products, especially toys and lingerie. There is always something new and exciting to entice your imagination and give you a little “treat” for your erogenous zones. From barely touching or teasing to full-on stimulation, Wicked Tickles has got the customers covered.

Products That You’ll Love

Sex Toys for Women

Wicked Tickles is one the best possible place to buy sex toys for women. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced user, or you want to try something truly unique and adventurous, WickedTickles has what you’re looking for.

There are lots of effective and affordable sex toys just for you. Whether you want a vibrator, a rabbit vibrator, a butt plug, or something else entirely, they’ve got hundreds of enticing items that will make your next sex activity hotter than ever.

Sex Toys for Men

There are many types of sex toys, and they are appreciated for the pleasure and satisfaction they provide either in solo or partnered sex. Men have sex toys, too, and are equally appreciative of their benefits.

Sex toys for men include things like fleshlights, pocket pussies, vibrating cock rings, and prostate massagers. Whether you’re looking for a new gizmo to spice up your love life, or if you just want to give your relationship an extra boost, there are dozens of male sex toys that Wicked Tickles offers that will have your woman (and you) begging for more.


Who They Are

Lovehoney is a well-known global sex toy shop. It has shipped all over the world, and it has a very large customer base that continues to grow. It was established in 2002 when a new era of buying sex toys began.

They are a great source for everything related to sex, and they’re always working hard to give their readers the tools they need to have a great and happy sex life. If you’re looking for a vibrator, a dildo, a fleshlight, a cock ring, or any other type of sex product, their huge selection is guaranteed to satisfy you.

There are over 287,000 customer reviews on the website to help customers to make the best buying decisions. They also offer extra rewards on every purchase you make. The website also offers you a chance to communicate in different languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish etc.

What They Sell

Lovehoney have a great range of products that can make your intimate moments hotter! From the most intense clit vibrator, G-spot vibrators, bullet vibrators and dildos to the hottest lingerie, hot pants, and accessories they are your one-stop shop for sex toys that will help customers achieve mind-blowing orgasms! Customers have access to the most comprehensive range of sex toys available anywhere online. The perfect sex toy shop for all your wants and needs.

Why it’s Great

This is one of the very few stores that offer free delivery on all orders over £40, a 1-year guarantee on its sex toys, and 24/7 customer care support. It uses discreet packaging, and ships all orders in plain brown boxes.

Lovehoney has a super-fast delivery service and a very simple and easy-to-follow product return policy. They also have very helpful and informative buyers guides, which give you all the info you need to become a successful Lovehoney shopper.

Products That You’ll Love

Lovehoney Sex Toys

Lovehoney has been selling sex toys for over a decade and based on tens of thousands of customer reviews, their sex toys are one of the best-valued products on the market. Combine that with the highest quality, and customers can have incredibly pleasurable and satisfying sex for a long time at the lowest cost possible.

Lovehoney Lingerie

From beautiful satin babydolls to seductive lace bodystockings, they have something for every taste and style. Lovehoney Lingerie for Women offers sexy lingerie for all women, with many styles also available in a plus-size option.


Who Are They

Maude, formed in 2018, is a modern sexual wellness company that is committed to providing high-quality, simple and inclusive products to enhance intimacy for all people. They have been formed to redefine the sex essentials industry for the modern consumer.

With their team and medical advisory board, they are proud to stand for modern intimacy and to change the face of the sexual wellness industry. The perfect sex toy shop for all your wants and needs.

What They Sell

They sell everything you could ever want for a complete adult lifestyle – whether you’re looking for high-quality lubricants, natural latex condoms, candles, vibrators or luxury massage oils and bath products to pamper that special someone with.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your sweetheart, a treat for yourself, or a little something to help you relax after a hard day’s work, their online store is sure to have something you’ll love!

Why It’s Great

Maude is a sex-positive company on a mission to improve intimate contact for everyone. They are a modern, quality-driven sexual wellness company that is simple, inclusive and based on the belief that great sex doesn’t have to be complicated.

They only work with the very best manufacturers to ensure safe and worry-free bathroom and sexual bedroom products and essentials. They also believe in offering only the absolute essentials for our customers. So, they keep it simple and stripped down.

Products That You’ll Love

Maude Lubricant

Their two products are safe for use by anyone with any skin type. They’re also free of gluten, sugar, hormones, parabens, and glycerin and contain only natural plant oils. The lubricants are highly recommended for either vaginal sex and hydration or use in the shower and/or anal play.

Maude Body Products

This is a body wash for people who want to pamper themselves, both the solo and the partnered kind. It’s pH-balanced and available unscented or in two other scents. Both are extremely effective and will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling great.


Who They Are

RodeoH was formed in 2012 to bring sexy back to outdated “straps and buckles” harness models on the market by creating high-quality, minimalist underwear harness line designs for men and women at drastically fair prices.

RodeoH is owned and operated by women and the company is a community-driven artist collaborative and collective with San Francisco, California as their home base. They work with brands, manufacturers, product designers, and freelance photographers from around the globe. They thrive on community suggestions, recommendations and requests.

What They Sell

RodeoH designs high quality, comfortable and extremely fashionable unisex harnesses, FTM underwear for men and women, and Gender Neutral underwear for everyone who wants to be more comfortable and confident when wearing underpants.

They also sell their own branded dildos, vibrators, pegging/anal plugs and sex essentials! These are great additions to their already extensive line of harness and gender-neutral underwear.

Why It’s Great

They are here to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and their style, especially the fashion aspects. Most of all, they want to inspire people to live their lives on their terms.

They actively listen to their customers and incorporate their suggestions into products and actively pursue new ideas from them. They have been able to continuously improve their product line because of the consumer’s input. Due to the number of requests from their customers, their harness line has 100 per cent grown organically.

Products That You’ll Love

Harness Underwear

Their underwear hybrid of soft, comfortable cotton and a stabilizing O-ring is the ultimate harness underwear for women and men. Customers can just pull it on, have their fun, and put it into the washing machine after. A much easier way to have your fun.


These “strap-on-me” silicone dildos are designed to be slipped over the underwear and then locked into place with a simple snap. The receiver can then use them just like a regular penis to give their partner(s) an amazing variety of sexual experiences!

Unbound Babes

Who They Are

Unbound Babes is a sexual wellness company that elevates the quality of sexual health available to everyone. They have several different options for enhancing your sex life. Their product line is designed to be both affordable, body-safe and their company provides educational content.

The female-founded company was established in 2014 in New York and their goal was to make vibrators, lubricants and accessories more mainstream through accessible pricing, body-friendly safe materials and elevated design.

What They Sell

Unbound babes sell everything a modern woman needs to “fire up” her love life. Whether they want to treat themselves or give a sexy gift to someone else, they’ll find something for every taste and budget. They have a great selection of vibrators, lubricants, dildos, plugs, accessories, gift sets and branded merchandise. Their vibrators, lubricants, and sex accessories are designed using elevated design principles, are made from safe, accessible materials, and are priced so everyone can afford them.

Why It’s Great

They have a fashion-forward repertoire of sexy products for couples and solo play that are easy and fun to use and that reflect the best of what’s new and trendy in modern sexuality.

The products sold by Unbound Pleasure are all made with natural ingredients, which means they are toxic-free. These products are specifically designed to give your body a sensual internal and external thrill.

At Unbound Babes, its quality, variety, and quantity are all wrapped up in a sexy, convenient package. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, Unbound Babes has something for you!

Products That You’ll Love

Pep Vibrator

With Pep, they designed an easy-to-use vibrator that delivers tons of features that allow you to explore what feels best for you. The unique shape allows you to enjoy targeted or broad stimulation and it’s perfect for beginners or anyone who wants a travel-friendly and compact vibrator.

Bender Vibrator

An ideal, multi-purpose, waterproof, flexible internal vibrator and magnetic USB charging capabilities with a soft, flexible body designed for G-Spot, clitoral, or overall external stimulation. Bender features 10 speeds and patterns which are powerful and long-lasting.


Who Are They

The brand that became LELO was created in 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden and they are a high-end sex toy company that designs and sells only the highest quality products. Their focus is on creating powerful, pleasure-inducing devices that help people have better, more intense orgasms. Their products include high-end vibrators, body massagers, and accessories.

The quality of Lelo’s sex toys is truly exceptional. Their items are among the most expensive on the market but are also, by far, the most highly rated and recommended.

What They Sell

Lelo is a high-end company that designs and sells vibrators, body massagers, condoms and accessories. From sleek, powerful uniquely shaped vibrators for women to highly pleasurable penis sleeves for men, these are a few of the hottest items in the Lelo online store.

Their Sona clitoral stimulator is one of the bestselling sex toys currently and delivers everything that its name promises and more.

Why It’s Great

Lelo is a leading manufacturer of premium sex toys. Their products are designed and manufactured in Sweden and are among the most innovative, cutting-edge, and exciting products available anywhere.

When it comes to sex toys, Lelo is the Rolls Royce of Pleasure. They produce the most luxurious, the most iconic and the most refined products in the entire world. Their innovations are always surprising, and they are completely different from every other product in the market.

Products That You’ll Love

Best Selling Sex Toys

LELO sells a wide variety of luxury sex toys, all made with 100% quality materials, and this link showcases their most popular sex toys currently in the market. These are the products their customers most frequently purchase over and over again. If it’s in their catalogue, it’s because it delights their customers a great deal!

New Sex Toys

These are the newest and hottest luxury sex toys that will get customers engines running and leave them gasping for more. You can be the first to try the hottest new pleasures created by LELO, and all the innovative and amazing secrets these toys hold.

Adam & Eve

Who Are They

For more than 50 years, Adam & Eve has been a top-rated, trusted and reliable retailer of sex toys. Whether you’re straight, gay, bi, or somewhere in-between, they have the products that the average customer is looking for. They offer a wide variety of high-quality, pleasure-producing sex toys at very reasonable prices.

Adam & Eve started their business selling condoms and they still take sexual health seriously. Their products are for entertainment, but also for helping people safely explore their sexuality. They have a wide selection of products, including lubricants, sexy accessories, dildos, vibrators, and other toys that will stimulate your imagination.

What They Sell

A large variety of high-quality sex toys for men and women (including dildos, vibrators and anal sex toys), plus lubricants, sexy gifts and accessories! Everything you need for mind-blowing, edge-of-your-seat, sweaty, hot, wet, wild sex. Whether you’re looking for a simple clit vibrator for some quick fun at home or a high-tech, multi-functioning device designed specifically for advanced stimulation, Adam & Eve is a company that has what the customer needs.

Why It’s Great

Adam & Eve is a lifestyle brand that helps people experience more intense orgasms, have more meaningful relationships and live life to the fullest. Their mission is to give every customer an unforgettable and satisfying sexual or relationship experience. And they do this with a vast and ever-expanding product line that includes: sex toys, lube, kinky bedroom accessories and much, much more. The perfect sex toy shop for all your wants and needs.

They also believe that when it comes to great sex life, there’s no substitute for knowledge. Adam & Eve issues advice and tips from sex therapist Dr Jenni Skyler to help customers become more empowered and confident in all things sex.

Product That You’ll Love

Woman’s Sex Toys

There are many women’s sex toys specifically designed for solo play or use during foreplay with a partner. These include vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and more.

Their toys are a great way to satisfy any sexual cravings you may have! Their collections range from top-end luxury items to high-quality cheap sex toys that fit your budget.

Men’s Sex Toys

Adam and Eve’s men sex toys are an important part of any good lovers toolbox. Whether you are looking to add a little fun to your solo play or enhance your relationship, these products will help you reach your goal.

Their goal is to have something for everyone. From the person who prefers material over style to the guy who prefers simple, straightforward functionality, they strive to meet all of those needs and more.


Who Are They

Their first store was opened in 1993 in response to the void of women-friendly sex shops in Seattle. Their store offers top-quality products, a pleasant place to shop and people who explore their sexuality will find lots of helpful info and encouragement at Babeland! You’ll find everything you need at Babeland from sex-related books and videos to candles and lubricants.

They are committed to providing a positive, fun and educational experience where women and men can learn about their bodies, express their sexuality and enjoy fantastic products and services related to sex. The perfect sex toy shop for everyone!

What They Sell

If you are looking for something to spice up your love life, look no further. Babeland is the go-to destination for kinky sex toys and related products for anyone interested in enhancing their sexual lives. Their selection includes a wide variety of sex-positive books, DVDs, sexy games and puzzles, vibrators, cock rings, strap-on dildos, anal beads, and much more! You never know what you might find.

Why It’s Great

The online store is huge and you will need to take the time to navigate it. However, after you do, you will find it is both helpful AND kinky! Helpful in the sense that you will find a wide selection of high-quality products to enhance your love life. Kinky in the sense that you can talk to someone if you have questions. No automated responses or hidden charges. Real live people are ready and willing to help you make your purchase and get you hooked up with the products you want.

Babeland also believes strongly in giving back to the community and they want to make a positive impact on all of humanity. Some proceeds from the sales of their adult toys and books go to support these charities.

Products That You’ll Love

Babeland Tape

Babeland’s unique, high-quality tape is an indispensable “must-have” for every adventurous partner. Whether you’re into rope tying, strapping down your lover, or just want to keep something secure for yourself – this is the stuff that will make your playtime sizzle!

It’s thin and goes on non-sticky, yet it will come off easily from your submissive. Simply remove it by cutting it with safety scissors and it will smooth out easily for you to reuse.

Zoro Strap-on

The hollow but still sturdy design delivers a smooth insertion and comfortable wear for hours. Both the dildo and the harness feature easy-to-use adjustability for a perfect fit every time. Moulded in a luxurious and soft material with realistic nubs, the harness is incredibly easy to put on (even with gloves on) and takes seconds to remove when you are finished.

Dame Products

Who Are They

Dame Products designs for sexual wellness by engineering a welcoming community, designing innovative educational tools, and bringing that life-changing information to your bedroom.

They have begun a quest to close the “Pleasure Gap” which is the disparity in the satisfaction that people with vaginas experience in the bedroom, versus their cis male counterparts. It’s a real problem that they are determined to solve!

Your Dame product is uniquely designed to specifically target your G-spot and create the most powerful, most satisfying orgasm of your life! It’s made with the same quality, attention to detail and expertise as the rest of your dame products but, their main products are created with a unique focus on your G-spot, which is the most powerful (and often, least understood) erogenous zone for female pleasure. Crafted from the highest-quality materials and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What They Sell

If you’re looking for a great gift for your partner or a sexy something to spice up your love life, you should check out the products designed to enhance your intimacy.

They have a great selection of high-quality, well-designed sex toys designed especially for women and couples. They offer bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators, finger vibes and more at very affordable prices.

There’s a lot of helpful info on their website. And their product reviews are extremely helpful. Especially if you’re just starting out… and don’t know exactly what you should be spending your hard-earned money on.

Why It’s Great

You can satisfy your lover with the most beautiful adult toys money can buy. These are the ones made by Dame Products.

These products have reached their own cult status. They are considered by many to be the best-looking adult products on the market. Many products are now being created to solve problems that people don’t even know they have. Because of this, many of those problems never get addressed at all.

Products That You’ll Love


The Pom is a new addition to the Dame Products line and is a great little vibe for solo use or couples’ play. It’s a small, easy-to-use vibe that is great for all kinds of fun – from foreplay to orgasm.

A versatile, waterproof vibe. Pulsation gives you broad or targeted stimulation with its powerful, rumbling motor and five patterns. The Pom lets you control the speed at which you achieve orgasm!


If you are still looking for something to get you in the mood then give Fin a try. The Fin is a finger vibrator that delivers intense vibrations directly to your lover’s G-spot or other erogenous zones for mind-altering sex. With easy-to-use controls, you can adjust intensity and vibration patterns for an orgasmic ride. The included tether lets you change the way you handle the vibrator with total ease and naturalness.



Who Are They

The We-Vibe continues to be one of the most technologically advanced sex toys on the market. It really does set a new standard for couples who want more from their love life! The perfect sex toy shop for all your wants and needs.

The We-Love-Making collection of sex toys by We-Vibe features some of the most realistic, best-selling sex toys on the market today. They are designed for maximum pleasure and satisfaction, with many models featuring multiple power levels, variable speeds and various other fun features. They are designed with powerful, patented motors that are synced to a range of motion sensors. This means their we-love-making products are extremely realistic and will help you achieve stronger, longer-lasting orgasms!

What They Sell

We-Vibe products are also designed to be used with a partner, but they’re also an incredible addition to your solo collection. With their intense and realistic vibrations, they’ll have you begging for more!

Each product features a distinct shape that can be used for different types of stimulation. All we-vibe products have an amazing ability to take the “friction” out of foreplay. You simply slip the sex toy into your lover’s most sensitive area and it sends ripples of pleasure all throughout his or her body.

There’s sure to be a product that will provide you with many healthy and euphoric years of pleasure. No matter if you are single or in a relationship, there’s bound to be a product that will fit your needs. Check out the many exciting features of this fantastic product line.

Why It’s Great

Their world-class engineers and industrial designers work closely with sexual wellness experts, doctors and consumers to create the most ergonomic products possible. This means fewer “discomfort glitches” which translates into more satisfaction for both partners. Plus, these products are so well engineered it is difficult for them to malfunction.

We believe in using the most technologically advanced techniques and tools possible while making sure the end product is ergonomically designed and body safe.

The We-Vibe has been incredibly successful because it is the simplest, most effective vibrator for couples to use to have better sex. It’s small, portable, easy to use, and couples love the way it “adds spice” to their love life.

Products That You’ll Love


We-Vibe’s Chorus couples vibrators are among the most technologically advanced and features sensors which means you can have a truly remote-controlled experience. With this product, you don’t even need to touch the toy to get an orgasmic response. Simply use the app on your smartphone or tablet to set the power level and the vibration patterns for G-spot or clit stimulation. The Chorus will then respond to your movements as if it were a living, breathing partner.


The We-Vibe Touch is the most reliable and longest-lasting vibrator on the market. It has been tested and proven over and over by satisfied couples who have looked towards spicing up penetrative sex. It is waterproof, rechargeable, and comes in 8 different vibration patterns. It has been the most popular product on their website for over 10 years and it will continue to be one of the most requested items for many years to come.

My Pleasure


Who Are They

There’s nothing like the gift of pleasure! MyPleasure has everything from exciting sex swings to vibrating dildos and the hottest lingerie and costumes! Create your own erotic adventure with the help of some of the world’s best-selling and award-winning erotic toys.

You will always receive exceptional customer service from MyPleasure. They are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the products and their website posts monthly reviews about different sex toys. That means you can rest assured that when you order from them you will be getting the very best advice and product available.

What They Sell

At MyPleasure we have an enormous selection of products to choose from whether you are looking for a new “regular” product or something a little more unusual.

They have a wide selection of sexual high-quality adult products for both women and men. Everything for the sexually curious shopper is here from realistic dildos to remote-controlled vibrators, there is something here to suit every need and desire. If you can think of it, they sell it.

Why It’s Great

Whatever your pleasure, they will give it to you! From beginners (who need basic info) to advanced users (who want all the more kinky details), you can count on for the most comprehensive info on any given product.

MyPleasure is an amazing source for all things sex-related. Not only do they have the best prices, but they also offer some of the friendliest customer services anywhere. You can save even more by looking through their many deals on offer for sex toys.

Products That You’ll Love

Butterfly Kiss Vibe – Pink

The ultimate in total feminine arousal. This deliciously designed, power-packed lover features an unbelievable fluttering butterfly and a delicately shaped G-spot stimulator. It’s easy to use with the push-button control. This vibrator has three speeds and a push-button control and is easy to use.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Items also has hundreds of deals on cheap, fun and sexy gifts! You can’t go wrong with a great adult toy especially on their party supplies for bachelor and bachelorette events. They have a huge variety of products and you will find something to please every taste and budget.

Good Vibes


Who Are They

Good Vibes mission is to provide the best possible customer service and the most comprehensive and up-to-date selection of the highest quality products on the market. At the same time, they endeavour to educate their customers about the best practices that can enhance their sexual experience.

Good Vibrations is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to create a healthy, happy, and HOT relationship. They have some of the best sex toys and educational material available anywhere on the Internet and their customer service is UNSURPASSED!

You can order online 24/7, or stop by one of their retail locations near you. Either way, you can be assured you’re getting the best deal possible, plus discreet shipping.

What They Sell

Good Vibrations is the place to go for all your sexual wellness and health needs. It’s Good With everything from sex toys and books to body products, massage oils and relationship advice, we are truly the one-stop-shop for all things sensual. And because they sell so many different items, they are able to offer great discounts and ship to over 250 countries worldwide.

Their online store carries an extensive collection of sex toys. Whether you are looking for a simple vibrator, dildo or cock ring, you will find it here. And customer service is outstanding! The perfect sex toy shop for all your wants and needs.

Why It’s Great

Good Vibrations understands how to provide great customer service. The sex toy company, which has been in business since 1977, is known for its friendly service, high-quality products, friendly and non-judgmental environment. They have something for everyone; whether you’re new to toys or a seasoned pro. Shop online or visit one of their five retail locations.

Sexual satisfaction should be a number one priority, and they’re here to help their customers with everything they need to express their most passionate desires.

Products That You’ll Love

Naughty and Nice Date Kits

For adventurous, creative, romantic, or sexy singles (or happy partnered-up people), The Naughty and Nice Dates Kit includes a ton of great date ideas that are sure to be better than another night of dinner-and-a-movie.

Bliss Bullet

The G Spot vibrator is the perfect vibrator for women who want something with a lot of ‘oomph!’, but don’t want to go for the bigger, more intense toys. It is smaller in size than the typical G-spot vibrator, but still provides plenty of vibration – especially when you use the included remote control! This vibe is great for women who want a more discrete and classy product that will never go out of style. It is made with quality materials and an elegant design.

Spectrum Boutique

Who They Are

You’ll get all the tools you need to help you have multiple orgasms at home – or anywhere! At Spectrum Boutique, they are passionate about providing only the highest quality products. Customers will always receive the very latest in cutting-edge, exciting and innovative sex products.

They carry every imaginable kind of sex toy, whether the company sells vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, or simply a sensual massage oil or candle. They have sex products for all orientations and experience levels whether your gay, bi, straight, kinky, romantic, curious, adventurous and everything in between.

What They Sell

Spectrum Boutique has the largest selection of sex-positive products anywhere. The company sells vibrators, feathers, whips, restraints, and more! You won’t find these types of products at your local big-box retailer

They also have an extensive and ever-growing selection of DVDs, videos and educational books.

Why It’s Great

At Spectrum Boutique, you’ll find a huge selection of toys, including books, toys designed specifically for the LGBT market, and so you can be sure to keep up to date with all the latest adult toy news!

This is the perfect place to buy a gift for your partner if you are having trouble picking something out. They have such a wide variety of products and it should be easy to find something that will make his or her day!

Products That You’ll Love

We-Vibe Melt Rechargeable Silicone Pleasure Air Stimulator

The We-Vibe Melt Pleasure Air Stimulator is the perfect sex toy for women who want something with a little more “oomph”! It has a unique, patented technology that surrounds your clit with tiny waves of pressure that create a powerful orgasmic response. The gentle suction keeps it in place, and the easy-to-use controls mean you can adjust the power and intensity to suit your needs.

The Melt We-Connect app is the perfect tool for someone who wants to take their massage experience to the next level. With long distance touchscreen controls and a completely fluid range of intensity levels, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish together!

Mood Naughty Pride Rainbow Anal Training Set

This classic plug is now in rainbow confetti! The “Mood” plugs are a slim, gently-widening and stretching plug that is classically shaped for comfortable penetrative sex. The Mood nugget at the tip is super-slim, and the wide, yet flexible base hugs the body, and the slim neck makes this a very comfortable plug to wear!

For people who are new to anal play and also for those who need to practice with a variety of different sized butt plugs, this anal training set is perfect!


Who They Are

These gifts are truly special and super-unique! Your loved ones will be stunned and delighted with one (or more) of these little gems.

The Emojibator sex toys are truly some of the cutest sex toys out in the market! And the fact they’re designed to look so darn cute you’ll have trouble keeping your hands off of them makes them all the more irresistible!

These can’t-resist-‘em mini creatures will keep your sex life alive and well for years to come! Use them alone or combine them with other erotica for some scorching-hot multi-tasking fun!

Fun, useful and educational? You bet! they’re unique, they’re made in the USA and they’re created with time-tested techniques.

What They Sell

This is one of the very best places to find a rainbow of colours, fun, unusual and hard-to-find sex toys! Whether you are looking for a new vibrator, a new couple’s toy, or you want to treat your sweetie to something truly special, you are sure to find it here.

This company has taken the love for veggies and applied it to vibrators. They have dozens of them to choose from, and they are all different. They have created “veggie-vibes”, “emoji-vibes”, “USB-vibes”, and other products that will help make your life a little happier.

Why It’s Great

Whether you are new to sex toys, or simply want to add some new toys to your collection, these will definitely be a hit! They are waterproof and made from body-safe silicone. They are also easy to order, and will last for many years! And since they’re vibrators, you’ll receive a healthy amount of pleasure!

There’s no need to feel embarrassed or guilty about pleasuring yourself ever again. Emojibator is just what the doctor ordered!

Products That You’ll Love

Eggplant Emojibator

“Travel-safe” is one of the best things about the eggplant Emojibator and it’s easy to see why. With its sleek, simple design and seamless, comfortable material, this sex toy is perfect for travel, solo play or shared use with a partner.

This little eggplant-shaped silicone adult toy is so incredibly powerful, you can find the exact vibration pattern that makes your lover cum again and again! It’s also small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to give your lover a euphoric orgasm.

Chickie Emojibator

If you are into water-based sex toys but you are tired of using your fingers or other dull objects, the Chickie Emojibator will delight you. Not only does it look like a chickie, it feels like one too with its powerful suction power and 2 super-powerful vibrating motors. What more could you want? This is a fantastic little toy to use with a lover or to use solo for clitoral stimulation. It features a powerful suction power that makes it delightful to use on sensitive areas of the body.

Use this product every time you want to get your partner’s attention. And watch him come running! His mind will be in a constant state of bliss!


Who They Are

Bondara has an amazing selection of discreet pleasure products and they offer fast, free, discreet shipping too! Whether you’re looking for something new to try out or a treat to bring back your old favourites, Bondara has got you covered. One of the best toy shops to choose from.

This is the best online sex toy stores destination for all things sex toys. Here, we have carefully selected a wide variety of the very best products from all over the world to make your sex toy shopping experience as pleasurable and as informative as possible. Whether you are looking for the “typical” types of adult toys (dildos, vibrators, etc.)

What They Sell

Don’t be shy – give in to your wildest fantasies and let go! You won’t regret it. Here at Bondara, they have a huge variety of different kinds of sex toys for men, women and couples. Whether you are looking for something naughty for yourself or to surprise your lover with a new kind of foreplay or you want to get really lost in pure ecstasy they’ve got you covered. With our wide variety of products, we are sure to have just the right kind of adult toy for you!

Erotica is the one store online that has really stood out for me over the years. They carry so many different brands and items of such high quality and variety, it’s hard to imagine anyone not being able to find something to pique their interest.

Why It’s Great

You can find a huge selection of sex toys at ridiculously low prices and check out their specials all the time. They have regularly scheduled sales on sex toys – both male and female – including vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, anal beads and more.  You can give a loved one the gift of total satisfaction with one (or more) of the amazing products available from Bondara.

Products That You’ll Love

Bondara Essential Spanking Paddle – 14 Inch

For Dominating Partners Who Want To Spice Up Their Lives! This is an absolutely essential tool for any Dom (or submissive) who is serious about exploring their kinky side! With this tool, you can give your sub an erotic, enjoyable experience without any bruises or marks.

The paddle is 14 inches long and has a flexible design which gives a harder, sharper spank. The wrist ties are there to give you a secure hold while allowing the paddle to flex and deliver a harder, more effective spanking.

Bondara’s Bind And Grind Purple PVC Tape.

If you are in the mood for a bit of “rough” fun, Bondara’s Bind and Grind Tape will certainly scratch that itch. It is a perfect choice for kinksters who are interested in experimenting. It’s a self-clinging, non-slip vinyl tape that won’t leave marks and is latex-free. Wrap it around your submissive’s wrists or ankles and you’re off to the races!

It’s easy to apply and remove, won’t come off no matter how vigorously you struggle and leaves no marks behind – other than the ones you want!

Ann Summers

Who They Are

The leading sexual lifestyle brand in the world and is a pioneer and global authority in the adult industry. They have been at the forefront of the sexual revolution for 40 years. They are one of the best sex toy shops online.

They are the largest retailer of everything from fetish wear to high-tech masturbation devices to adult toys for couples, lingerie, fashion, fitness, sex education and sexual health products.

Their pioneering spirit is alive today, with a heavy focus on bringing the very best innovative marketing, design and technology, to their consumers.

What They Sell

Ultimate one-stop shop for all your sexy fun! From aphrodisiacs and foreplay enhancers to vibrators, dildos and other must-have items, this is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your sexy needs. And, with an endless array of vibrators, blindfolds, erotic oils, and other ‘sex toys, there’s no end to the ways you can have fun together!

There’s something for everyone. Their product variety, great prices, and the fact they have been around for so long means they have established a trustworthy reputation. You can always trust Ann Summers. Their products are sold in various retail outlets online and all over the world.

Why It’s Great

Ann Summers is a seriously hot name in great sex shops and they have some seriously hot deals all the time! Their new ranges always push the quality of adult toys in general with their different types of vibrators etc. and their website is always chock-full of high-quality, incredibly fun products at affordable prices!

Products That You’ll Love

Rampant Rabbit Vibrator – The Original Slim Rotating One

This vibrator has multiple functions which means it can be used in so many different ways! In the bedroom, use the metal beads and ears to bring her to climax while you perform oral sex on her; Use the metal beads and ears during foreplay as a way to heighten her arousal before you join her for intercourse; Or use the metal beads and ears during intercourse to help her achieve a more intense orgasm. The possibilities are truly endless.

Cock Rings & Vibrating Penis Rings

Explore their awesome range of cock rings! Incorporating all their favourite signature orgasm-inducing features. You’ll find it hard to choose just one, whether you’re just starting out with cock rings or you’re a seasoned pro, they’ll have something online for you. Also, their cock ring guide is an easy-to-read, step-by-step instructional guide with photos and illustrations that tell you all you need to know about choosing the right cock ring for you and your lover.


Who They Are

Kandid is a sexual wellness company that helps people every time they have sex. They make products fun, accessible, and easy to order so people can enjoy pleasure and wellness every time they have sex. Their mission is to remove the “stigma” of adult toys.

Two guys started this company because they wanted to make it easier for LGBTQIA+ people to explore their sexuality without feeling embarrassed. They produce quality products like vibrators, lubes, cock rings and more, at prices that are easily within reach of most everyone. Their products come in fun, modern packages.

What They Sell

Kandid makes extensive and very high-quality products from nipple clips and min vibrators to more powerful models. They’re proud to make all their products in the U.S.A., and they are especially dedicated to creating a more sexually liberated world for all adults, particularly the LGBTQIA+ community.

There are so many choices you won’t be disappointed. Whether you like classic bunnies, sharks, butterflies or even totally original designs, you’ll find it all on the site. Their products have eliminated the need for single-use disposable products and they guarantee your satisfaction.

Why It’s Great

Kandid is a place where you can explore your unique sexual pleasures. Whether you are gay, straight, bi, transgender, or anything in-between, you’ll find something to pique your interest here.

They have a huge selection of very high quality, super sexy products that come in a gender-neutral package. Everything they sell is engineered to give the user the best possible experience. A great gift of pleasure and euphoric sex for a great lover!

Products That You’ll Love

Remote Control Love Egg

The most exciting form of foreplay is when you wear the vibrating love egg inside your vagina. When you’re both ready for the main event, switch it on and your partner can control the speed and strength of the vibrations.

Rabbit Sex Toy

If you’re looking for a product that can enhance your love life, you really can’t do much better than this little rabbit. It’s a G-spot/clitoral stimulator with a rippled silicone design that offers an additional level of pleasure. It comes with a USB cable so you can recharge it using the provided power adapter. This little guy will add a nice push of pleasure to your love life.


Who They Are

The remarkable true story of how Womanizer came to be invented is quite a fascinating one. The first Womanizer was designed, created and manufactured in Bavaria, Germany by a couple who started from nothing but a big dream. They succeeded in their dream to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sexual pleasure products.

The world’s first wearable, non-intrusive, ultra-thin, rechargeable and waterproof vibrator was developed in 2014. It is a breakthrough in vibrator technology and has been featured in several news stories and articles.

Womanizers sells high-quality, cheap love and sex products at an affordable price. They ship all orders within 24-hours to 60 countries and include free tracking. The products for sale include candles, massage oils, body lotions, lubricants, sex toys, and much more.

What They Sell

The leading supplier of women-only sex toys is Womanizer. Their mission is to provide women with products that give them more pleasure than their male counterparts have ever dreamed possible. These products are designed to help women achieve self-pleasure faster and more intensely than ever before.

The Womanizer Collection of high-quality, powerful sex toys for women has something for every type of woman – from the most sensitive to the most experienced. There are both vibrators and massagers to choose from. These are the top-of-the-line, most powerful adult toys available for women who like to have extremely intense, autonomous orgasms.

Why It’s Great

These female toys are designed to stimulate the clitoris with soft waves of air. They feature a sleek, easy-to-clean design, and are made from a non-porous material, making them safe for play in the shower or bath.

The best way to explore your sexuality is with less fear and more confidence. That’s why the team behind “Womanizer” promotes this message on their website, in books and seminars. Through the work they do with the media and their partners, they strive to bring this important message to the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Products That You’ll Love


The Premium model of the Womanizer line of autopilot pleasure stimulators gives you full control over the intensity with 12 different levels and lets you enjoy the “magic” anytime, anywhere with no fuss, no mess, and no preparation.

With Autopilot turned on, you are the captain of your sexy ship and it’s up to you to make sure every stop you make is one that gives you, your partner – or your partners – maximum pleasure!


There are many ‘Liberty’ products to choose from and this is the best place to buy them all in one convenient location. Put you and your lover’s smile on display with this product!

The WOMANIZER Liberty is one of the most intense massagers you’ll ever use. It has a sleek, travel-friendly design that allows it to be used almost anywhere and it gives you a contact-free and intense clitoral stimulation.

Hot Octopuss

Who They Are

Their mission has always been to create the hottest, wildest and most innovative toys the world has ever seen. And they haven’t stopped since they began back in 2013. They’re still going strong today and still creating new and exciting products. The perfect sex toy shop for all your wants and needs.

A sex toy company that delivers! The Hot Octopuss website has something for everyone, including the kinky, the curious, the shy, the straight, the gay, the couples looking for a little fun and the solo practitioners.

Hot Octopuss offers an enormous variety of products so you will be certain to find something you love! Whether you are brand new to this kind of thing or if you are simply looking for something new to try, Hot Octopuss has something for everyone. With such a wide variety of products, you’ll be certain to find something you love!

What They Sell

There is a Hot Octopuss product for everyone! No matter what your gender, age, or body type—there’s a Hot Octopuss sex toy made especially for you.

The Hot Octopuss range of products is designed to fire up your love life. It includes the electric Guybrator™, the toe-curling KURVE, the powerful Pulse Duo Lux, and much more.

From cuffs and collars to nipple clamps and more, they have something for every kinky need. Whether you’re getting ready for a night of passion or trying to relax after a long stressful day, these stores have something for you.

Why It’s Great

Discreetly exploring your sexuality and giving yourself pleasure has never been easier. With the Hot Octopuss sex toy, you control the action and experience multiple orgasms with the push of a single button!

Whether you’re looking for a product to enhance foreplay, intercourse, or the experience of both partners, you’ll find it all at Hot Octopuss. Everything we offer is designed to enhance your love life and comes in a wide variety of patterns and unique colours.

They are so confident their products will do the job, they offer a risk-free money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any of their products for any reason at all, just return the product within 30 days and they will send you a full refund with no questions asked.

Products That You’ll Love


When you put your hand over the grip area of the handle and push down firmly, the frictionless oscillations of the surface increase exponentially and this delivers the hottest possible surface-to-skin contact with the least amount of effort.

This is the most advanced type of adult toy ever created. It features a patented technology that literally creates a “spinning air current” that surrounds your genitals.  Combined with an exquisitely soft and supple silicone body, this amazing product will leave you breathless!

The Pulse Solo Essential and the Pulse Duo are the two models that pop out among the bunch. The Pulse Solo Essential is the standard model, but with a look that is upgraded. The Pulse Duo has two motors in one unit which should provide stronger vibrations.

Harmony Store

Who They Are

One of the largest online sex toy stores is Harmony. They carry everything you could ever want or need when it comes to sex toys and they are very knowledgeable about all things sexual. They have a great selection of items, great prices and fast shipping.

Luxurious adult products can be purchased with the same open-mindedness and commitment to excellent customer service they provide on the shop floor at Harmony. Adult products such as these are now available to everyone at a fair price.

What They Sell

You can shop for just about anything at Harmony. They carry an enormous amount of varied products to help you have better (or bigger) orgasms.

They’ve got it all at Harmony: Adult Toys, sexy lingerie, gifts, and Bedroom Essentials, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy your desire for pure fun. So, whether you want to relax with a quality vibrator or looking to improve your relationship with your partner, they have everything that you need!

Why It’s Great

This website is very informative and has a lot of great products. Everything from dildos to vibrators; cock rings to anal beads. All in all, it’s easy to see why everyone who visits their site ends up purchasing something.

Harmony is here to satisfy your sexual needs! With a wide selection of quality adult products and fast and friendly. Harmony is sure to have something that will spice up your life.

Products That You’ll Love


Vibrators are wonderful for women and men, old and young, and can be used for couples looking to spice up their love life or for individuals looking for exciting solo play. To suit every desire and need, there are many different forms of vibrators on offer.

Vibrators like these can help you achieve stronger, more satisfying orgasms, and bring you and your lover to incredible new heights of pleasure. If you’re in search of a new sex toy that will provide hours of exciting fun, then a product from the Harmony brand is the great choice for you.

Male Sex Toys

Or, if you’re interested in something functional, innovative and stylish, you should check out the Male adult toys category at Harmony.

These sex toys were created with men in mind, especially for gay men. There is something for every man: from the ones who love to be plugged anally; to the ones looking to enhance the size of their penis; to the ones who like large, thick, hard dildos; to the ones who like smaller, thinner, more sensitive dildos; and everything in between.

Tran Toys

Who They Are

TranToys is an online retailer leader of one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find and speciality sexual products for men and women… especially transgender people. Their goal is to make your sex toy shopping experience a pleasant and rewarding one.

Adult toys from TranToys make your journey much more pleasurable. They’ll take the mystery out of exploring an exciting and new sexual lifestyle, and allow you to fully engage yourself in the experience.

Their products are designed for use by people who want a simple, straightforward way to explore the world of transgender and transsexual pleasure. TranToys has one of the largest selections of transsexual and shemale sex toys available anywhere. They are always adding new products so there’s always something new and exciting to try.

What They Sell

TranToys has everything a transgendered person could want. They have transsexual sex toys, transgender clothes, sex dolls, sexy lingerie, and much, much more!

These really are the world’s best shemale / trans-sexual dildos. Each one is totally unique and comes in a rainbow of colours and shapes and each one has a realistic penis attached to the top! Use them with or without a lover and you will never know the difference!

Why It’s Great

Trantoys offer a wide selection of transsexual adult toys. Real ones, not dud ones. They also have an excellent customer service department, and they are always ready to ship your 100% real transsexual adult toys immediately if you need them for a special occasion.

Their website is the absolute best source for the most current info on the hottest products available. If you’re looking for the absolute best selection of TS products, this is the place to go to get them.

It’s always best to buy sex toys from someone you trust and know. Especially when it comes to purchasing from a website like TranToys. They take privacy seriously, and they will not share your email address with anyone.

Products That You’ll Love

Butt Plugs & Anal Toys

There’s a lot of really great stuff at TranToys. Their entire line of kinky ass toys is hot, creative, and hard to find. They’ve got some of the hottest, most innovative, and most highly-desired items in all of adult Toyland.

They carry a great selection of strap-on harnesses, cock cages, vibrating cock rings and gauntlets, butt plugs and anal beads, prostate massagers and dildos, and so much more kinky adult toys.

They have everything you need, whether you’re into guys or girls, transgenders or simply looking for something new… they have realistic, funny, phallic and outrageous toys to help you get excited.



Who They Are

Whether you’re looking for kinky wear to show off your inner freak or want to look especially enticing and seductive for your lover, Prowler is sure to have what you need.

Prowler is the leading retailer of gay-friendly sex toys. They carry everything from kinky and fun to romantic and serious. From dildos to butt plugs, vibrators to lube, they’ve got it all.

You can get Prowler’s top-quality in-store service (and satisfaction) online no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re in Miami, Toronto, London, Paris, Sydney or Bangkok, you can now take advantage of Prowler’s huge selection and pro shop service.

Your gay lover (or someone you love) deserves to experience the ultimate in pleasure. They deserve to enjoy the most intense and all-consuming pleasure imaginable with the most exotic and hard-to-find gay sex toys ever created.

What They Sell

Providing men with the best quality gay adult toys at the lowest prices is what Prowler is all about. Whether you’re looking for gay movies, gay sex toys, gay lifestyle products, or anything else, you’re sure to find it here! There’s something for everyone!

This is the place to go for all your gay sex needs. Not only do they have the hottest brands of swimwear and underwear, lubricants, and condoms, but they also offer free UK delivery on everything!

Why It’s Great

It’s time to stop struggling when buying gifts for others. Instead, let Prowler’s friendly and knowledgeable team of experts help you pick something special for everyone on your list. has been a reliable source of deep discounts on high-ticket items for many years with their reputation of having many new and enticing items on offer.

Prowler always packages and ships its products in a very discreet manner, and there’s no indication of what’s inside the package. It usually takes about 24-hours to process and ship an order, and shipping is always free.

Products That You’ll Love

Flavoured Water-Based Lubes

You can’t go wrong with any of these six water-based flavoured lubricants. They all smell great, are non-sticky and they will not leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. They are all great for all your sexy fun, and you will probably end up with a box or two of each just for good measure.

The Mystic Treasures Couples Kit by Me You Us

The Mystic Treasures Couples Kit includes everything you need to add some spark to your couple’s life. It’s a great starter set for couples curious about adding some spice to their love life, or for couples who are already seasoned players looking for some new ideas. This kit contains a vibrator, a butt plug, a dotted and realistic vibrator sleeve, a set of rotating love balls, two cock rings and a remote-controlled vibrating love egg.

Buzz Pinky

Who They Are

BuzzPinky has one of the hottest, freshest and most fun selections of sex toys on the market today. Check them out if you’re looking for something new and different to add some excitement to your love life. BuzzPinky has everything a man needs to experience exciting, erotic adventures in his own home.

The lowest prices for discreetly shipped adult products anywhere. Everything from lubricants and sex toys, to much more. They have a great online sex toy store for buying high quality, popular products. Their fast, free shipping; no hidden charges; and big inventory all add up to a shopping experience that causes no stress.

There’s something for everyone at You’ll find everything from tips to last longer in bed and new positions that you can try, to learning exactly what to do to get explosive multiple orgasms.

What They Sell

BuzzPinky has loads of great products, and they are all super-effective. You won’t find anything else with the same quality as what you will find at BuzzPinky.

The BuzzPinky website is a great resource for adults looking for the hottest new products. From butt plugs and cock rings to vibrators and sex toy kits for men, this is the website to visit if you want the right sex toy for you. They carry a huge selection of sex toy kits, lubricants, dildos and dongs.

There’s something for everyone at this store. It features all of the top brands like Sona, Lovehoney, LELO, Doc J, Fleshlight, Liquid Silk, and Satisfyer among others.

Why It’s Great

BuzzPinky is the place to go for the most innovative and hottest adult toys on the market. They feature helpful how-to-buy guides, and they also have a large selection of useful and very informative customer reviews.

BuzzPinky is the leading UK adult toy retailer. They have a great service with a friendly, reliable and trusted personal touch. They will go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

BuzzPinky aim to please! Their number one priority is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and to do this, they offer a no-questions-asked, “30-day guarantee”. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have the option to return it for a full and quick refund.

Products That You’ll Love

Wanachi Wands

You need to get some rechargeable vibrators and these rechargeable Wanachi Wands are perfect for anyone who wants to explore the wonderful world of excitement and pleasure without the trouble of constantly recharging their toys. These rechargeable wands with different levels of vibrating intensity are super easy to use and are fun for everyone.

Simply Pleasure

Who They Are

Adults everywhere are always looking for new ways to enjoy themselves and satisfy their needs. Simply Pleasure has some of the lowest-priced sex products available in the market. They offer a wide selection of adult products, so whether you are searching for toys for yourself, a lover or both, you can be sure to find a sexy item that satisfies your needs.

Everything you could ever want for your ‘oomph!” The big O’s needs are met at Simply Pleasure. They have over a thousand sex toys for everyone, from cute, small discreet vibrators to big, flashy dildos. The perfect sex toy shop for you to explore.

What They Sell

If you want to have a great sex life, you need to be well-stocked with all the goodies that make your fantasy fantasies come true. They carry hundreds of different sex toys and thousands of selections, so no matter what your fantasies are, they’ve got you covered. Whether your searching for vibrators, lubricants, sexy lingerie, or sex accessories, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Why It’s Great is the absolute best source for the very latest information about the hottest, new sex toys available anywhere on the Internet.

Their team of expert advisors will help you select the very best products from across the entire product line. In an easy-to-read format, you’ll be able to make intelligent choices and get what you need without trouble or confusion.

They have a wide selection of products, and all of their packages are shipped in a plain package, so your family and friends won’t know what’s inside until you’re ready for them to open it. Your family and friends will be totally amazed when they open the package and discover their gift.

Products That You’ll Love


There are many luxury sex toys, but only a few that really deliver. The LELO collection of sex toys should be explored if you are looking for the perfect present for your partner or yourself. They’re made with the most luxurious materials and come in a variety of power levels so you can find the right one for you and your partner.

The Rabbit Company

The Rabbit Company has designed a variety of the highest quality rabbit vibrators for women to enjoy all by themselves or with a partner. The Rabbit Company offers more than fifty different design and colour combinations, consisting of everything from the tried-and-true rabbit to more daringly designed products such as the G-spot stimulator. You’ll find something to suit your every desire.

Please NYC


Who They Are

If you’re looking for a great place to explore your kinky side, this is the place for you. “Please” promotes sex positivity honesty, integrity, and positive change in the community. They strive to make sure their customers get all the education and accurate information they need to have fun and stay healthy.

If you are looking for stores that sell toys designed with your sexual wellness in mind, you have found it. Here, you will find a huge selection of products and services that will enhance your sexual experience.

This is the PERFECT sex shop for everyone. Whether you’re gay, straight, bi, a virgin, or just curious, they have something for you. They celebrate individuality, diversity, and natural differences in all of us. They don’t judge, they simply celebrate.

What They Sell

The ultimate source for everything you need to make your love life “hot and steamy” in NYC. They sell a full line of luxury sex products, including premium lubricants. Please NYC does have you covered. It’s always ready to give you the guidance you need, whether it’s through reading a book, watching a video or trying a fantasy.

This is sex shops for adults with a big focus on luxury. It’s for the people who want to look further into their sexuality but are unable and unwilling to go to traditional sex shops.

Why It’s Great

This is the best source for information about the ever-changing sexual landscape, while at the same time, you can enjoy some of the best global products.

They have everything you could want at fair prices. Their merchandise is of exceptionally high quality and they have things you would have never thought to buy until you saw them in person. If you are looking for adult toys, or simply want to explore your options, this is the best place to shop. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, and more.

Products That You’ll Love

Vibratex Mystic Wand Rechargeable

Mystic is now a rechargeable body wand vibrator. It’s black, sleek, sexy, and sensually designed to fit perfectly into your love life. It features three levels of constant vibration plus three pulsation patterns, more powerful than the original Mystic. It will give you amazing pleasure and send your partner straight into an orgasmic frenzy. Get one for yourself and see if you can’t get your spouse or lover into some hot action!

Bad Dragon

Who They Are

If you are looking for a huge variety of “fantasy creature” sex products, then you should visit Bad Dragon. They’ve got every type of product imaginable including dragons, centaurs, goblins, trolls, vampires, werewolves, “fairy princesses” and everything else your depraved little heart could desire.

There is no other adult toy company that offers as much customization as Bad Dragon. Their entire product line is designed to be customized to your personal desires. Every single one of their adult toys comes in a choice of colours and firmness, and some models come with a special lubricant that shoots out when the product is used. The perfect sex toy shop for you to explore.

What They Sell

The Bad-Dragon is a one-stop-shop for all your sex toy needs. They have everything from vibrators and dildos, to butt plugs and anal beads, to harnesses and blindfolds. Everything you could ever want for kinky stuff.

When it comes to enhancing your love life, there’s no better source than online. These products are created by real, honest-to-God experts who have a passion for what they do. They’re always on the cutting edge of what turns people on, and they’re certain to have something to spice up your sex life.

Why It’s Great

Made by Bad Dragon, this is the best sex toy for people who love lots of variety. It comes in seven different sizes and six different degrees of firmness, there are more than sixty different colours to choose from and you can have it sent to you completely personalized.

If you want to use this fantasy while having sex with your partner, you can use lube to fill the cum tube. That way, you’ll get the internal stimulation you need to climax faster.

They also have one the most helpful and knowledgeable customer service to assist you with any of your problems and questions.

Products That You’ll Love

Dragon Dildos

Yes, they really do have different types of dragon dildos. There are ones with a “furry” dragon tail attachment that are designed to be used with a harness. Dragon dildos are used by couples who enjoy role-playing as dragons and other mythical creatures. They’re not only incredibly popular among the kinky, but they’re also great for everyday use.

These products are hot sellers on their website. They were designed to look like a dragon’s “erect” penis. It has a very unique design, and it’s easy to see why it would appeal to people.

These little guys look great, feel great and last a very long time. Plus, because they’re made of medical-grade silicone, they’re easy to clean.


Who They Are

Bellesa sells sex toys that are easy to use. They want to make sure that no matter how long you have been with your current partner, or how much experience you have with other adult toys, you will always enjoy using one of their products.

These sex toys are designed for the adventures of a lifetime. They’re made from premium quality silicone and are waterproof and USB rechargeable. You’ll never have to worry about running out of power during those long sessions. Having multiple orgasms is a way of life.

Using the Bellesa line of products will supercharge your love life. You’ll enjoy more, longer-lasting, more intense orgasms every time you have sex. The perfect sex toy shop for you to explore.

What They Sell

Sex should be pleasurable. If it isn’t, it’s probably not very good sex, and you need to work on making it better. Find out what works for you in your own personal pleasure zone. Try something new and see what fits into your enjoyment category.

You will find a wide variety of sex toy kits, penis pumps, lubricants, massage oils, nipple clamps, “Kama Sutra” type products, and much, much more at Bellesa.

Finding what you’re looking for can be tough, which is why having someone (like Bellesa) do the work for you. All you have to do is check their website and order!

Why It’s Great

Whether you are looking for the simplest, easiest-to-use product or the most technologically advanced vibrator, Bellesa Boutique has something for you! They offer big discounts on multiple sex toys and warranties.

They also have thousands of happy customers that talk highly of the product quality and the high-level customer service that they received.

Products That You’ll Love

Clit Suction Vibrators

One of the products they highly recommend is the boutique Clit Suction Vibrators. It’s the perfect product for any lover of the erotic who wants more intense, longer-lasting orgasms. It’s no wonder that the product line is so popular. The suction vibrators allow women to experience an intense, ultra-powerful climax in record time!

Having a great relationship is better than having a great sex life. But when you add that to a great relationship, the rewards are almost limitless. That’s why it’s worth putting a little effort into using the clit suction vibrator to make sure your relationship is as healthy and exciting as possible.

Intense Anal Vibe

One of the best anal play products available is the A-Play anal vibe. It comes in 20 different patterns of vibration, and you can choose the one that gives you the most pleasure. A great little product that’ll give you a long-lasting power boost. Just plug it in when you need a pick-me-up and it’ll be ready to go when you are.

Doc Johnson

Who They Are

For over 40 years, Doc Johnson has been stocking only the best sex toy brands that are loved around the world for their quality, innovation, and value. They’re a leader in the industry and they make some of the most popular and well-loved products in the world. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and value are unsurpassed. One of the best sex toy shops online!

They are the biggest name in the business when it comes to selling butt plugs and related products. With an overwhelming passion and enthusiasm, they really deliver what their customers want.

Doc Johnson is one of the most trusted and innovative companies in the world when it comes to adult toys. Their realistic and powerful sex toys are perfect for any type of couple, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. They are stylish and easy to use, making them the perfect travel companion.

What They Sell

Doc Johnson has one of the largest selections of products for adults (18+), of any retailer. Whether you’re looking for something kinky to add to your love life or just want to satisfy a curiosity, Doc Johnson has something for you.

Dr John A. Johnson has created a line of safe, pleasurable sex toys that are ideal for all levels of experience. These also include a different variety of stimulators, as well as a great selection of massage oils and lubricants.

They have created some truly innovative and earth-shaking products and they are always coming out with new and improved versions of existing products. There’s something for everyone.

Why It’s Great

Doc Johnson is a brand that creates quality, long-lasting products. They share a wealth of useful information and educational resources with their customers. Their website contains a lot of interesting and helpful information.

The biggest name in the adult toy industry is always looking for new ways to please their customers. They are always innovating to make their products better and have become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Products That You’ll Love

OptiMALE™ – Extender with Ball Strap

The best male enhancer is the one made by Doc Johnson. It’s called the “OptiMALE” and it’s designed to maximize the size of your manhood. Made with soft, stretchy material for maximum comfort and a textured surface for more intense sensation, the firm tip provides excellent control during penetration.

OptiMALE™ Stimulator Extension with Ball Strap

The OptiMALE™ Stimulator is an easy-to-use, comfortable device that intensifies your orgasms for both of you. This product is made with a special material that works like a glove, giving your lover an absolutely mind-boggling experience. It has a firm, textured head with an exciting pattern that sends her into a frenzy.


Who They Are

Fleshlight is one of the best sex toy brands for males, and there’s a very good reason for that. This is a great gateway product for men who are curious about using a sex toy. It’s a budget-friendly way to experience the amazing sensations of a popular product. A sex toy shop worth exploring.

Fleshlight is the world’s leading producer of male masturbation products. For more than two decades they’ve produced world-class products that are the most popular of their kind anywhere on earth.

What They Sell

A fleshlight is a sex toy designed to stimulate the male erogenous zones. It features a solid, relatively non-moving “rib” that creates an undulating sensation as it twists and pulls against your erogenous zones.

These fleshlights have been engineered to provide the most realistic sexual experience possible. They look and feel real, and they don’t disappoint.

Fleshlight sells the highest quality products made with 100% medical-grade silicone. They have a wide variety of fun and exciting designs, and are perfect for anyone looking for an exciting new EROgasmic experience!

Why It’s Great

Fleshlight is constantly coming up with exciting and new ways to help their customers have a more pleasurable experience. Their goal is to make every customer completely satisfied. Creating new and different product designs, introducing new manufacturing processes, or even developing more effective marketing campaigns are all part of that goal.

These are the only real Fleshlight products you’ll ever need. They are made from medical grade silicone available anywhere and they come with a triple velvety coating for maximum pleasure. These products will give your customer the closest experience to having an orgasmic encounter with a real woman. You will receive a quickie climax that is far more intense than anything they’ve experienced before.

Products That You’ll Love

Quickshot Launch

The QuickShot Launch™ is an automated Fleshlight® experience that lets you control the length of your strokes and the speed and it has an innovative touch-control system that makes this one of the best sex toys on the market. It’s a must-have for any Fleshlight user so you have to do is set the controls and sit back and relax.

Flight: Pilot

If you’re a frequent traveller who needs a compact, go-anywhere adult toy, the Flight is the perfect choice for you. It’s easy to use and will give you hours of pleasure. With its super-slim profile and unbelievable power, this little friend will make your most intimate fantasies come alive! It’s a pocket-sized Fleshlight, and it’s so realistic, you won’t know the difference!

Fun Factory

Who They Are

There’s no better company to partner with when it comes to producing innovative, high-quality leather goods than the legendary Fun Factory. They make toys that “empower” all of us with a “wink and a nod” toward “true adult fun.” Their products are “elegant,” “fun,” and feature a wonderful array of material choices (including real leather).

These sustainable sex toys are some of the best on the market. Not only do they use energy-saving manufacturing methods in Germany, but their products are also made with body-safe materials and they come in a variety of sizes and speeds. They make high-quality, safe and insanely fun toys for women and men.

What They Sell

If you haven’t visited the FUN FACTORY website, you need to do that right now. There’s something for everyone; whether you’re looking for a simple buzz, a mind-altering trip, or a product to enhance your love life, there’s something for you.

Everything from dildos to vibrators, from strap-ons to handcuffs, from anal beads to water-based lubricants… the world of sex toys is huge and here at Fun Factory. They have many many items on pre-order and they often update their site catalogue.

Why It’s Great

The best place to buy sex toys and accessories are here. They have something for all types of people, whether you are looking for a simple vibrator, a sex-toy-guru to assist with life in the bedroom, or an advanced product that will blow your mind… and your lover’s mind (and other areas of the body), too!

Products That You’ll Love

Volta External Vibrator

Your search for the perfect sex toy ends here. This amazing vibrator is perfect for the G-spot, or you can use it as foreplay for your man. Just press the button at the top of the vibrator to choose the setting that works best for you. This is the best all-purpose sex toy for both women and men.  It has several “petals” that will tease and heighten the experience for both of you. Just the right amount of pressure, and will heighten the experience even more.

Mantra Vibrating Stroker

The Fun Factory Manta is the strongest, longest-lasting male sex enhancer available today. It’s guaranteed to give your lovemaking an enormous “fun factor. This is a very innovative, highly effective vibrating stroker. It can be used (with lube) to enhance solo or partnered sex. It’s especially useful for men who want to increase their performance, or just add a little “something” to their sex life.

Je Joue

Who They Are

Je Joue, a leader in the field of adult products, has a stunning selection of high-quality adult toys for men and women. They sell everything you could ever want or need to satisfy your sensual desires. From the most luxurious lubricants and the highest quality adult toys to the hottest lingerie and seductive clothing. Not to mention an amazing selection of kinky novelty items and accessories! The perfect sex toy shop for you to explore.

The owner of this adult toy shop has created a beautiful environment where people can learn about the wonders of the world of pleasure, through elegant design, superb educational materials and the finest quality products available. Adult toy lovers should definitely check out this store. They have a wide selection of high-quality products that are both elegant and functional.

What They Sell

At Je Joue, you can treat yourself to something that will revitalize, refresh and re-energize your entire being. Maybe it’s a sensual massage, a new adult toy, a charming, sexy dress, or maybe just some time off.

This is the best place to buy luxury vibrators, cock rings,  G-spot vibrators and sex balls. You’ll find them all on the site and select retailers like Amazon.

It’s no wonder luxury sex toys are often expensive. They are made with extremely high-quality materials and last far longer than cheaper models. Je Joue is a brand you can trust.

Why It’s Great

With its unique products, friendly staff, and shamelessly sexy atmosphere, Je Joue sex shop will have you feeling very welcome and unafraid to explore your own wonderful world of solo pleasure.

Their information booklet about their adult toys is the most comprehensive booklet you’ll read on sex toys. It goes into amazing detail about every single item in their catalogue.

This is a great online store for honest and discreet advice on all matters related to sex.

Products That You’ll Love

Mio Vibrating Cock Ring

This is a great cock ring. It enhances your erection and keeps you hard for longer. If you want simultaneous, mind-blowing orgasms, then this is the answer. The ultra-low-frequency vibrations penetrate deeper into your body and awaken more internal pleasure points, bringing forth the most intense and prolonged orgasms.

Mimi Soft Clit Vibrator

The MiMi by Je Joue is a luxury vibrator that looks and feels luxurious but is simple and clean enough that it will look great in any bedroom in the world. The vibrations are also surprisingly deep and rumbly, and the smooth, rounded tip makes it easy to use even for the most inexperienced of partners.

Jimmy Jane

Who They Are

Jimmy Jane is a design-centric brand that believes pleasure is power. They create technologically advanced products that inspire you to have fun and help you to enhance your wellbeing.

JimmyJane has some fun new ideas to help you spice up your love life and achieve an edge when playing with your partner. These products are designed to increase your pleasure, both during foreplay and during actual intercourse. Giving you an undeniable advantage over your partner.

There is no better source for erotic pleasure than the JimmyJane website. Whether you’re looking for a new favourite lubricant, a nice massage candle, or even a really sexy vibrator, you’ll find it all on the site.

What They Sell

Whatever your needs are, JimmyJane has the products you need. From very simple products to more complex products that are scientifically proven to enhance your sex life, JimmyJane has it all.

If you want the most luxurious and exciting adult toys, you gotta check out the amazing line of products from JimmyJane. They’ve got stuff for couples, men and women, and all different types of sex play.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious edible, sensual vibe, or something to ease muscle tension, they’ve got you covered. All you have to do is ask… and… they will provide!

Why It’s Great

JimmyJane products are designed with a “just-get-the-job-done” approach to functionality. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fashionable and provide exceptional customer service, too.

They’ve got great prices, fast shipping, and… they are always willing to help whenever you need them. They also really do go to great lengths to ensure your package arrives in pristine condition.

Products That You’ll Love

Form 2 Pro

The Form 2 is a powerful, waterproof and little vibrator with several different vibration patterns. It has multiple speeds, and it’s rechargeable by USB. This little gem will take you on a vibrating trip that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

Focus Sonic Vibrator

If you want a vibe that will satisfy you for hours and hours, then you may want the Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Vibrator. It offers distinct patterns and speeds and comes with a handy instructional manual and compact charging case.



Who They Are

The most advanced adult toys are the ones that work with your body’s natural rhythms. There are several different kinds of toys in this category, including ones that have a remote control that lets you “teach your partner a lesson” in pure female or male pleasure.

With the help of your smartphone, you can control the intensity of your own orgasms with the push of a button. The LOVENSE mobile app gives you remote control over your own or your partner’s pleasure centre using Bluetooth. This will add an exciting new element to your bedroom fun.

The perfect vibrator for solo play or partnered use is the Lovense remote control vibrator. It’s perfect for oral sex, foreplay, masturbation, or any other place you want extra stimulation.

What They Sell

Lovense has it all. From bullet-shaped dildos, masturbators, vibrators, rabbits, and everything else that turns you on, they’ve got it. In addition, you can control all their pleasure with your smartphone. Use them for a more intense and intimate solo or partnered experience.

Why It’s Great

Adult toys that are connected to your mobile device (via WiFi) allows you to have interactive erotic pleasure from anywhere in the world. These toys vibrate at the touch of a button, and they come with a free app called the “Lovense Remote” which allows you to control the speed at which the vibrator/dildo is stimulated, as well as the intensity.

Use Lovense adult toys to bring a freshness and spontaneity to your relationship that will dramatically increase your sex drives. Perfect for foreplay or intercourse, the LOVENSE is the vibrator that literally “wakes up” your love life.

Products That You’ll Love

Lush 3

The Lush 3 is the hottest new love toy among long-distance couples and adds another dimension to any couple’s collection. It can be used in so many different ways and satisfies so many different desires.

When you use this vibrator during aquatic activities, its waterproof design ensures you have confidence, and the easy-to-use, app-controlled function makes this vibrator a real pleasure to use.


If you want a vibrator that’s small and discreet, you can’t do better than the Ferri. It has everything you could want in a sex toy plus the bonus of being both powerful and waterproof. It’s perfect for solo use or with your partner.

Mystery Vibe


Who They Are

When we are under stress our bodies respond in ways that are predictable, but during less predictable times in our lives, like after having a baby, going through surgery, or as we age, our bodies have a way of responding that is less than desirable. That’s where MysteryVibe comes in. By using the right tools and products, you CAN retake your old sex drive and have great, healthy sex again.

There are many different options for couples who want to enhance their love life together. The MysteryVibe range has something for everyone!

What They Sell

MysteryVibe carries everything your lover could ever want or need for true ecstasy. From simple vibrators to more advanced sex toys, they’ve got it all. In fact, their product line is so comprehensive, you might just find something that will literally take your breath away.

MysteryVibe has a big variety of different sex toys in different sizes and shapes, with a special emphasis on providing every person with the best toy needs.

Why It’s Great

MysteryVibes sells a unique and impressive array of sex toys. They’re designed to enhance your Kama Sutra skills. The modern, discreet packaging and variety of attractively designed product cards will leave a memorable impression on your partner.

MysteryVibe is one of the few companies that offers a truly 100% secure and discreet payment option. They offer great customer service, free shipping, and they never reveal your payment details to anyone.

Products That You’ll Love


The best sex toy for women is the one that makes them feel great, and the Crescendo is one of the best quality smart vibrators for women. This is the most advanced vibrator available, which means it gives you total control over vibration pattern and intensity. It features a built-in app that lets you change patterns at the touch of a button, and it’s small enough to travel around with.


Poco is the world’s only bendable G-spot vibrator. It was designed to mimic your fingers so you can use it to find and then discover all those hidden erotic pleasure points. Feel free to bend Poco to target the vibrations at the most sensitive spots on your body, including the G-spot to get those toe-curling orgasms.


Who They Are

Mystim is a great company with a huge range of exciting new products on the horizon. From pure erotic stimulators to those with multi-functional designs, they have a unique, easy-to-use, and super-comfortable design.

Mystim wants to offer you the best selection of adult products that will get your heart pumping and your body humming with energy. That means a healthy start into a very exciting new world.

Mystim is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium sex toys with a unique and stylish line of products that are easy to use and super comfortable to wear. They have a great product line that includes a huge range of products from pure erotic stimulators to those with multiple functions.

What They Sell

Mystim is a great sex toy company. They offer a fantastic range of vibrators, anal toys, massage oils, cock rings and more at affordable prices. All the products are designed to leave you tingling with pleasure.

The most respected producer of electro-stimulation products is Mystim. They are well-known throughout the world for having the best products on the market. Their products are easy to use. There are no complicated settings, no messy wires, and nothing to break off or get lost.

Why It’s Great

Mystim carries thousands of products, and the selection is so good, you’ll be stunned. There are products for just about every budget, plus rewards for referring friends, and no minimum order requirements.

All Mystim products have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any Mystim product for any reason, you can just return it for a prompt refund. There’s nothing more they can ask of their customers.

Products That You’ll Love

Terrific Truman Classic Vibrator

The discreet, powerful, silent vibrator that knows exactly how to please you very, very deeply. It will leave you breathless and begging for more. And, as a bonus, it doubles as a hot, passionate dance partner in bed. The classic vibrator is a great little device and it’s easy to use. The vibrations are very powerful and they’re constantly changing which means you’ll have an exciting, never-ending sexual experience. This is one of the best all-purpose sex toys you can buy.

Sizzling Simon Black Edition E-Stim Vibrators

The Mystim Simon is the perfect vibrator for stronger, more mind-blowing orgasms. It has very pleasurable, textured ribs that target your G-spot and improve the strength of your pelvic floor.


Who They Are

The OhMiBod has the world’s most versatile and popular interactive adult toys. They’re so easy and intuitive to use, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. One of the best sex toy shops online!

OhMiBod has created one of the most advanced and customizable sex products available today. You can use them independently or with a partner and have fun in almost any position you can think of.

A traditional vibrator is not enough for a love life. If a traditional vibrator could satisfy your love life, you would have had a wonderful love life long ago. With “bundled up” technology, each of their products gives you a truly exceptional love life.

With the OhMiBod Remote App, you can use your phone or tablet to give your woman the most intense sexual experience of her life. Your woman will be able to control the speed, intensity and duration of the vibration pattern with the touch of a button.

What They Sell

If you are looking for something simple but sexy to bring with you on vacation or something truly kinky and wild, OhMiBod has the right product for you.

The OhMiBod vibrator is the most intense vibrator known to man. It’s so intense that you can use it at home as a sex toy, or even use it during foreplay to excite your lover. The intensity is adjustable, and the app lets you create your custom vibrations. This way, you can choose exactly when and where you want the most intense vibrations.

Why It’s Great

With the OhMiBod Remote App, you can be “together” even if you are apart. It will add an entirely new level of excitement to your love life, or use it as a way to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship.

This little gizmo will put a smile on your lover’s face. It’s waterproof so you can use it in the shower or anywhere else you feel comfortable with. And, since it is rechargeable, you’ll never be without some form of sexual stimulation again.

OhMiBod has created a variety of educational resources and sex-positive tools designed to help you have the most amazing sexual experiences attainable for every human being involved in the experience.

Products That You’ll Love

Bluemotion Nex|3

The OHMIBOD Bluemotion Nex 1 is a unique product. It has a built-in vibrator that allows you to create custom vibration patterns. It’s made with body-safe, water-resistant material and it will last forever.

You can remotely control your partner’s pleasure with this app. It lets you both try something daring and new together, with no risk of getting caught.

Esca 2

If you are looking for the best G-spot vibrator, the Esca 2 is recommended. It’s a small yet powerful egg vibrator that works with all major smartphone apps. It has several control modes and is created to stimulate the G-spot.

Romantic Depot

Who They Are is a one-stop source for all things naughty and nice for women and men of all ages. They carry an amazing selection of sexy lingerie, dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic gift for your honey, or a sexy gift for your sweetheart, or a gift for a friend, family member or co-worker, Romantic Depot has something for everyone. They have an almost unlimited selection of items, and their inventory is changing all the time, so you will never be stuck without something great to give as a romantic or sexy gift.

In addition to this, they have very competitive prices, amazing coupons, and a personalised and completely discreet shopping experience.

What They Sell

Whether you’re looking for something for her, for him, or simply for the home, shop at Romantic Depot. They have an incredible selection of major brands, plus a large assortment of unique, speciality items.

If you want it, they’ve got it! Everything you could ever want for kinky sex is available at Romantic Depot. From fetish gear to sex toy kits, adult candy to erotic foods, butt plugs to vibrators, and everything else you could possibly want for a steamy night together.

Why It’s Great

Romantic Depot is a welcoming and non-judgmental environment where you can explore your sexual wellness needs. They have knowledgeable and friendly online staff, who will help you with your selection.

There are so many choices, it would be impossible for you to miss out on something that fits your individual needs. And remember, they offer fast and free shipping from one the best sex toy shops online!

Products That You’ll Love

Sexy Lingerie & Clothing

If you are in a new relationship or you just want to add some extra spice to your sex life, sexy lingerie will help you achieve your goal of bringing more excitement to the bedroom.

Romantic Depot is THE online source for all things sexy for women (and men). They carry everything from lacy bras and sheer pantyhose to corsets, girdles, suspenders, bustiers and much, much more.

Part Game, Gifts & Supplies

Romantic Depot also offers a wide range of party games, gifts and supplies for the masses who are looking to purchase a few cheeky items for either a party, event or kinky little romp at home with your lover. They sell a huge range of sex card games, foreplay board games, blow-up sex dolls, edible treats and much, much more.


Who They Are

Adult products are sometimes hard to find, but not here! Here you’ll discover a truly massive collection of high-quality, hard-to-find sex toys, all at rock bottom prices.

Tantus, Inc. produces great-performing, safe adult silicone products. That’s why they are able to spend the money required to have the top research and development people in the industry help them create amazing new products.

Tantus is an excellent source for creating and enhancing your love life. They create sex toys with the same passion and integrity and provide outstanding customer service.

What They Sell

If you haven’t purchased anything from Tantus yet, their products are definitely worth checking out. Their huge variety of sex toys are sold at extremely low prices. Also, you can rest assured knowing all your adult products are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Their products include everything from vibrators and dildos to butt-plugs and strap-on harness kits. And every single product in their catalogue is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. They have everything you need to bring more energy into the bedroom.

Why It’s Great

The #1 company for innovative body-safe silicone adult toys is Tantus. They’re committed to producing the very best products, and they go to great lengths to ensure their sex toys are pleasurable, clean, safe and exciting for everyone who owns one.

Products That You’ll Love


The Tantus Neo is the perfect anal sex starter plug for you if you haven’t tried it before. It’s easy to use, feels amazing in your butt, and comes in a cute array of colours to choose from. It feels great in your hand and it has a nice flared base to keep it in place for a comfortable and sure grip. The Tantus Neo can be cleaned easily and it comes with a deluxe storage bag.


This realistic looking dildo is an amazing females favourite. The wide, flowing shape of the Grind is perfect for g/p spots and self-play, and it looks so real that you won’t be able to tell the difference when you use it during partner play. It looks and fits great in a harness and it is great for either solo or partner play!


Who They Are

The perfect brand for anyone who wants to experiment with a new and exciting kink in the bedroom is Tenga. They’ve created a new range of products that are stylish, innovative and very humorous.

Tenga products are designed to bring intense, powerful orgasms to everyone who uses them. They’re engineered with extreme care to make sure they give you a mind-bogglingly good time… and… get you rock-hard erections.

What They Sell

The Tenga range of products is very comprehensive, including everything from award-winning male masturbators to clitoral vibrators. Whatever your pleasure, Tenga has a product for you!

Quality is also about more than just the object itself. It’s about the experience you get from owning or using the product. Tenga products offer great quality in both product and experience. They’re designed to be used and owned by the user, so they tend to last a long time and give great service.

Tenga makes several kinds of male sexual stimulators, including reusable and disposable masturbator cups.

Why It’s Great

Tenga is a line of high-quality plush sex toys that appeal to both men and women. The products and their discreet packaging are designed to be attractive and desirable to everyone who wants to give their lover better orgasms.

Their sex toys can help you with your love life, your self-esteem, sexual wellness and even improve your performance in bed. It’s truly a “win-win” situation for everyone involved.

These Tenga reusable masturbator cups have a unique, antibacterial material that eliminates the need for frequent cleaning. You can use them over and over and they won’t give you any problems with unsightly or uncomfortable odours.

Products That You’ll Love

Iroha Mini

The Iroha Mini is a tiny little piece of heaven. It’s so incredibly pleasurable to the touch, it’s like holding a little butterfly in your hand. And just like a butterfly, it’ll leave you breathless!

The perfect travel companion, the Iroha mini can also be with you anywhere, anytime. It’s a great size, and it’s also waterproof. So you can take it with you wherever you go, whether it’s at home, in the shower or on vacation.

Flip Hole

The TENGA Flip Hole is the ultimate in the Reusable Male Masturbation Revolution. It looks incredible, feels amazing and is both stylish and efficient. After you use it, you just need to flip open the flip top and clean and re-use for another romp.


Who They Are

Vibratex is one of the most experienced manufacturers of high-quality sex products. From classic vibrators to a whole range of erotic massage oils and other products, you’re certain to find it all at Vibratex.

Vibratex is a sophisticated, luxury sex toys company based in Napa, California. They have been manufacturing pleasure products for over 30 years and has stood the test of time, like fine wine. It has remained true to its roots and has grown into one of the most respected and sought-after names in the industry.

What They Sell

Vibratex has a huge range of products that will add spice to your life. Their extensive selection of rabbit vibrators and other erotica, at low prices you can afford, will definitely delight you. And their low price guarantee ensures you will be happy with your purchase.

There’s something for everyone at Vibratex. If you’re into straight-up rabbits or the magic wands, or you want to explore some unusual products, you’ll find it all here.

Why It’s Great

Vibratex has the best adult toys available. They’re perfect for beginners, and even for experienced consumers who are looking for something new. Their customer service is second to none. You can always get help from friendly staff who are eager to please.

Vibratex offers a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. There are no catches, no gimmicks, no tricks from one of the best sex toy shops online.

Products That You’ll Love

The Black Pearl from Vibratex

Vibratex’s Black Pearl is a product designed for men to use alone or with their partners during sex. It has both vibrator functions for solo use, and it helps enhance the quality of erections achieved during lovemaking. It has a strong vibrator motor and is easy to control. It has a great feel against your skin, and won’t cause a rash or allergic reaction. The included carrying case is handy for travel.

The Mystic Wand from Vibratex

The Mystic Wand is like a secret, trusted lover. It’s powerful enough to give a woman multiple orgasms, yet it’s discreet and easy to hide. With a solid body, a strong silicone head, and quiet looks, the Mystic Wand makes a great companion for women on the go.

Seriously Sensual

Who They Are is a huge online sex superstore that carries all the must-have items you need to take your love life to the next level. They sell everything from adult toys and videos to lingerie and scented candles…all at affordable sex toys prices. There’s something for everyone at SeriousSensual’s store. You’ll find something that excites you, and you’ll find it fast.

What They Sell

Whether you’re looking for something special for your lover, a sexy gift for a friend, or the perfect thing to help you concentrate on work, SeriouslySensual has what you’re looking for.

This adult retailer carries an impressive and eclectic assortment of adult toys for men and women. From purely fun items such as vibrators and dildos to more serious products that are designed to enhance your love life, this is a great place to shop if you’re in the market for something new.

At SeriouslySensual they sell everything you need to have an intense, completely satisfying erotic experience. They have everything from vibrators and whips to massage oils, scented candles and sexy lingerie.

Why It’s Great

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, sex is great, but so is intimacy. Treat yourself to some sexy lingerie and pleasure toys from SeriouslySensual. They deliver directly to your door, and it’s super discreet.

They also off free discreet packaging and delivery for orders over £40.

Products That You’ll Love

Toys For Him

There is a huge range of male adult toys at SeriouslySensual for men to enjoy but it all depends on what type of pleasures and experiences you are looking to explore. There are dildos, strokers, penis pumps, butt plugs, vibrators and a bunch of other affordable sex toys that are hard to find in other online sex shops!

Toys For Her

SeriouslySensual sells sex toys for women of all ages and especially those that are designed with both men and women in mind. Whether you are looking for something for solo use or something to use with your partner, you will find it in their online store. There are many different types of stimulation options for women. The easiest one to find is a vibrator that pulses. However, if you want something more, there are other options such as one that is controlled by your partner, or one that targets several erogenous zones at once.

Nasty gal

Who They Are

Nasty Gal has the most erotic sex toys online. They’ve got dildos, vibrators, rabbit ears and remote-control bullets, all designed to make both of you smile.

Nasty Gal carries a huge assortment of kinky sex toys. Whether you’ve been together a long time or you’re just getting started, these toys will be a surefire way to keep your love life exciting.

If you want the most intense, raunchiest, sex toys around, these are the ones for you. These bad boys are created by some of the best designers in the world, so they’re going to look great on your nightstand, on your desk at work, or in that special hiding place you’ve discovered in your bedroom.

What They Sell

Nasty Gal has a large selection of adult products, including vibrators and dildos that are sure to please. From shapely dildos and rabbit vibrators to more exotic prints and metallic finishes, there’s something for every taste.

Because Nasty Gal believes sex is a two-way street, they’re also including a full kit for your partner, including a condom dispenser and lube.

Why It’s Great

If you are in a relationship where both of you are open-minded and want to explore something new, Nasty Gal offers a discreet option for billing. Your credit card details are 100% hidden from your partner, and they won’t even know that you have ordered something.

Nasty Gal offers discreet packaging, plus they offer a 30-day hassle-free returns policy for your adult toys and accessories. If you ever need to return an item, it’s easy and there are no questions asked.

Products That You’ll Love

Pleasure Egg Vibrator And Remote

Whether you’re looking for a functional, waterproof, rechargeable vibrator to use at home or on the go, or a super-charged battery operated vibrator that will have you cumming in record time, the Pleasure Egg and Remote could be the right sex toy for you. The Pleasure Egg is a tiny, powerful vibrator that’s easy to use with its simple push buttons. It’s also waterproof, has a silent mode and comes in a range of fun, vibrant colours. The price is unbeatable and it’s a great little vibe for beginners and more experienced users in one of the best toy shops around.

Rabbit And 7-Setting Vibrator Set

You may be looking for Nasty Gal’s rabbit and vibrator set, which is the best kit for an independent woman with a spicy personality. It comes with everything you need to please the different layers of your personality. This combo pack has all the items you need for a steamy night for one.

Our Final Thoughts

The best online sex toy stores for sex toys are those listed above. No matter what type of kinky/exotic/simple/complex / etc. toy you’re looking for, these top-rated sites will have it.

Whether it’s your honeymoon, your second date or just a night you’ve been waiting for, you’ll enjoy increased intimacy and passion when you explore new ways to satisfy your partner. Go for it! Dive right in and explore the world of pleasure with one (or all) of these awesome resources. There are many ways to enjoy yourself and please your partner. Just keep exploring. You won’t go wrong and you will add immense zest to your life.

Confident exploration of your options on the best sex toy shops online is the next step in experimenting with what you and your lover would love to have played within the bedroom. Go for it!