As we age our body may stop working the way it used to. Blood circulation isn’t as same, calcium levels etc. are all different from what they used to be. Naturally our hair also gets affected. Some men are lucky, the loss they go through isn’t as extreme as some. You most likely have seen men who are 80 years old still have good amount of hair. But men who are barely 30, suffer from it. Naturally this raises the question, what causes hair loss?

Hairlessness usually means extravagant hair loss from that person’s scalp. Genetic loss of hair with age is the most typical reason for baldness. Several people choose to let their loss of hair continue and they don’t do anything about it. Other people however, don’t want it to be that obvious and either cover it up with their hair or use an accessory. Also there are people who go for treatments for their loss of hair.

Usually 50-100 hair a day is lost. Because our hair grows, we don’t really notice this. Loss of hair happens when this cycle stops.

We can relate loss of hair to the following factors:

Genes(Family history):

This is the most usual reason. The most typical reason of loss of hair is a genetic reason that happens with ageing. The name of this is androgenic alopecia, male-pattern baldness & female-pattern baldness. This generally happens slowly and the patterns are obvious. Hairline recedes, and men get bald spots, women usually see it by their hair thinning.

Hormonal reasons and medical reasons:

There are various things that can be the reason for lasting or short-term loss of hair, this includes, changing of the hormones because of pregnancy, menopause and thyroid issues. Medical reasons can be infections in the scalp like ringworm, and a hair-pulling ailment named, trichotillomania.

Medications and supplements:

Loss of hair may be caused by some drugs, like the ones that are used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart conditions, gout and high blood pressure.

Radiation therapy to the head:

After you have had radiation to your head, your hair might not grow back the like it used to.

Stressful life/ event:

A lot of people suffer from loss of hair in various degrees after they have experienced physical or emotional shock. However, this sort of loss of hair isn’t permanent.

Hairstyling and treatments:

Huge amounts of styling of the hair or hairstyles that cause stress on the hair like pigtails etc. may be the cause of loss of hair named traction alopecia. There are some treatments that can also cause the hair to fall out, these are hot-oil hair treatments and if the person gets scarred in the scalp, this may also cause permanent loss of hair.

Thankfully, the advancements in technology for health has improvement so much so that, transplanting the hair is possible. However, it is expensive. Naturally people have looked at options in other countries like Turkey. Hair transplant Turkey has become very popular due to the success rate and the prices. The prices you will see are usually at least 50% less than they are in the USA or EU countries. So why not give it a go? This way you will save money and gain back your hair!