Experiencing the death of a loved one is a traumatising. Funerals help us accept what has happened, and allow those who loved the individual to share their feelings and memories with one another. But, funeral costs and prices of burial plots in London continue to climb upwards, trying to give a loved one the resting place that they desire is becoming increasingly difficult for Londoners.

What about outside of London?

When making funeral plans many people decide on a specific location to be laid to rest. The densely populated city of London has many people wanting it to be there final resting spot as so many people have lived in the city from all different walks of life. People fall in love with London and many call it home, so it’s only natural that they also want to be buried there.

How to beat the ever increasing prices

However, it seems as though the ever-rising costs of living in London not only apply to housing, but to burial plots as well. The average cost of a plot in London is £2,617 which is enormous when considering that the national average is closer to £800. So why the huge disparity? Once a burial spot has been taken its residents, for obvious reasons, do not move on. The city of London has existed in some form or another for close to 2000 years. As nearly 2000 years’ worth of former residents are buried beneath the city, it should come as no surprise then that all plots in London are set to be exhausted by 2019. It’s not just the cost that is high either, there is fierce competition among residents to secure the remaining plots, and plenty of pressure is being put onto businesses to find more space in land-strapped London to develop plots.

Why Nobody is talking about it

So why is no one talking about this? The answer is money. It is becoming a well-kept secret between investors that London burials offer enormous returns if they are willing to hold onto them for a short while, due to the lack of them available. Many private investors are silently buying up plots with the intention of selling them in the next couple of years for an enormous expected return in a relatively short period of time. It is projected that if you are willing to invest £2,640 in a plot now, then you should be able to see a return of over £3,750 within a matter of months! So it is no surprise that people are willing to keep it relatively quiet that burial plots are the new hot property in London.

So if you are hoping to be buried in London when you pass away, the best time to buy a plot is now, but be prepared to hand over a modest sum of cash.