As Omicron spreads across the UK, with cases set to double, the Prime Minister has recently introduced a move to Plan B. Under Plan B advice, many of us have returned to working from home. Unfortunately, working from home is easier said than done! Not all of us have a sustainable WFH setup to return to, nor the space to facilitate an office-like environment.

Even so, working from home doesn’t have to be unbearable. There are brilliant ways out there to improve your WFH setup, and make this arrangement a little easier. Here are just a few of these ways, compiled into one comprehensive guide.

Keep things clean and organised

Buying a new desk or ergonomic keyboard isn’t always practical, and requires a lot of disposable income at the end of the month (something we don’t all have!). But, there is one thing we can do, at very little to no cost, to improve our WFH setup. Keep things as clean and organised as possible.

Having a workspace that is tidy, with everything right where you need it, is essential to continued productivity and comfort when WFH. Clutter stresses us out! Stay focused and remain efficient, even with something as simple as rearranging your pens in a pen pot.

Think about your ergonomics

Ergonomics really are that important. Making sure your spine, neck, even your hands are supported as you work is vital to avoiding repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel. Position the top of your monitor or laptop screen at eye level, with a slight tilt upwards so you don’t have to strain your neck. Preferably, your chair should also comfortably support your back, with any notebooks and stationery in easy arm’s reach. By thinking about your ergonomics, you can save yourself a lifetime of pain and discomfort while working.

Don’t discount productivity apps

Working from home has meant a massive shift to digital operations and infrastructure. Online tools for work have become so significant to our daily life, and they can be remarkably useful! Productivity-encouraging apps such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Teams allow you to connect with your colleagues, and really feel part of a team. We are always more productive when we feel supported and encouraged, so make sure you get the fullest use out of the apps, designed for work performance, that you have.

Think about investing in extra space

Working from home can be super noisy and distracting, especially if your loved ones are in the same position. Consider transforming your unusable loft into valuable storage space, either for your excess paperwork or for your WFH office entirely! An award winning loft boarding service from Instaloft can create magic in the home (up to 50% more floor space!) by making your WFH setup far less cramped and uncomfortable.

At the end of the day, we all know working from home can be a bind. But, it doesn’t have to drag you down. Maximising what space you have, keeping things tidy and supporting your body while you work at a desk…these are all ways in which WFH can become efficient, productive and enjoyable.