World of Warcraft is back again with an expansion after 12 years and it is at the top of its kind. The unstoppable competitor is here again. There are extremely remodeled gears, classes, dungeons as well as other systems. So far, this is one of the games that can eat a whole week of your life without you realizing it and the interesting part is that it is awesome. However, the future is not quite certain and is dependent on the move Blizzard would take next.

The content is great. With years of going over the vital procedure of getting out, sourcing for goods and returning for an experience, items and gold, the designers of Blizzard’s quest are getting better at it. With everything having a huge stake, it does not feel like work. You do not necessarily have to get a boar gizzard, you could just murder the dragons, prevent the demon overlords, search for the long lost ruins and view the downfall of the villains and heroes.

At the center, it gets away from the usual mob-killing style, which is typical of the MMO. A lot of variety has been given for what you do, the characters you want to use, why you are on the field and the way you react, they are just different. The story no longer goes as “Great heroe comes along and rescues the cats and then goes away with another pair of new boots”. It is still a similar fantasy, but it is dedicated to it and it writes out, takes off and dispenses the characters both old and new, which is very entertaining without any effort.

Interesting but conflicting is the fact that artifact weapons are gotten by characters in a combat spec in an hour of booting up the expansion and they get to keep these weapons for the whole legion. This actually implies that everyone of your spec has the same weapon. Their appearance can be changed using WOW’s transmog ability if you want to.

Playing at level 110 for hours could be a concern. Taking out an artifact weapon obviously takes time. Blizzard just makes the whole process fun and interesting, and this is done by constantly offering a reward of artifact leveling items for going through world quests which are random. Many of these quests can be done alone, but there is a lot of diversity. For some of the quests you might need to invite a friend along and for some others you might need to explore dungeons, while others you can finish with your skill specialty.

The greatest issue one can spot in Legion is that so many things are done so well that it stands to remind you that World of Warcraft is snow a variety of year’s worth of various design principles. Due to the whole revamped experience, players who wish to start WOW for the very first time (and actually have the whole experience) would have to play through two other contents, and they are not as neatly developed as the present WOW release.

Having Legion, it is tough to remember when WOW’s story and quest were ever this solid before. With time, things will be clear if Blizzard gives out new contents to help keep the expansion alive or if it will undergo the fate of other contents like warlords the moment Blizzard has demonstrated it can still give an MMO experience and probably better.