As modern cars continue to grow in size, many models are now too big to fit into garages at home – meaning that we can use these spaces for different purposes than those for which they were originally designed.

Although many of us use a garage as a large storage space, converting it into a more liveable space could add some value to your property for good measure.

Before jumping into the project, make sure that you have the tools and finance in place to complete it. A payday loan might help you to get on with the job faster.

Here are our ideas for how you can convert your garage.

Home office

The British workforce has voted with its feet and it would appear that hybrid working policies are here to stay. To that end, having a dedicated workspace at home is vital – no more sitting at the kitchen table!


How many gym memberships have you taken out in your lifetime? What if you didn’t need to face the stress of travelling to a space to exercise each time and it was right at home? You could also save in the long term, as well, against the costs of membership.

Holiday let

The beauty of this one is that it will pay you back, too! If you live in an area that is popular with tourists, turning your garage into a small self-contained apartment might help you to make a small crust on platforms like Airbnb.


If your existing kitchen is cramped, you may be able to move it into a garage, where there may well be a generous floor space. In many houses, the garage is connected to rooms like the kitchen, so an extension may also be possible.

Playroom/games room

Are you sick of the kids’ toys getting under your feet all of the time? Having a dedicated space for your little ones to play means that you can enjoy your relaxation spaces more and will also give them an area to have their own space as they grow older. For the bigger kids, you may also be able to have somewhere dedicated to games like snooker and darts – or a computer gaming setup.

Spare bedroom

Don’t have a space to host guests when they visit? Your garage space could become a cosy spot to welcome people and provide a place to stay. Access will be a consideration here – make sure that it’s easy to make it to and from the bathroom, for example!


Have your garden parties been missing that little something special? How about building a bar in your garden to act as the focal point for those long summer get-togethers? Stock everyone’s favourite drinks and provide a few chairs for when you need to escape from those typical British showers!