Outdoor space is at a premium in large cities and particularly in places like London, where gardens will certainly be on the smaller size. Whilst you might think that garden furniture and a small garden are not a great combination, there are a surprising number of different options that are available to those people looking to put some type of seating in their garden.

We all want to find ways in which we can enjoy our gardens more and on a warm summer morning there really is nothing better than sitting outside with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, enjoying breakfast al fresco and reminiscing over the memories of holidays abroad that this might bring back. Even the smallest garden can be transformed into a fantastic area that you will want to enjoy. In fact, when it comes to small outdoor spaces in London there is even garden furniture that will fit onto a balcony and give you that outdoor area you have always wanted. Space can be a challenge, but it does not need to be a problem when it comes to getting outdoors.

Furniture options

The first, and probably the best, choice of furniture for a smaller garden has to be the 2 seater bistro set. Reminiscent of any continental pavement café, this clever little set features a small round table and just 2 chairs which can be stored pushed right up to the table. This ensure that this particular type of set takes up the least amount of space possible, whilst still offering sufficient space for outdoor eating.

Bistro Sets

Bistro sets come in a number of different styles so again there is something to suit every circumstance. If you are really short of space and would prefer to be able to put your bistro set away when it isn’t being used, then look for something that folds up for storage. This will of course have the added benefit of keeping your furniture protected against the elements and will mean it is less likely to rust and need some form of rust treatment and maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Fixed Sets

Fixed seating and tables, the type that does not fold, is obviously a little sturdier and can easily be stored away in a corner of the garden. The chairs will push fully under the table and quite often you can purchase covers that will go over the entire piece in one.


If you really don’t have room in your garden for a table and chairs, no matter how small, and nowhere to store it either then you may find that a garden bench will work for you. Whilst these do not necessarily take up much less floor space, they can be placed up against a wall rather than further away as there is no need to move them. There are some clever garden bench solutions on the market that are made up of two seats and a table area which connects the two. These are a great alternative for anyone who prefers to eat snack type meals in their garden or just have a coffee whilst reading a good book.

Placement options

Another option for a smaller garden is a piece of furniture that is specifically designed to be placed in a corner. A corner rattan sofa unit for example is a good choice that will allow you plenty of seating whilst taking up as little room as possible. By placing your furniture against the wall or fence of your garden you are ensuring that it takes up less room so although this option may appear bulkier it may in fact be a very good choice.