It’s a universal truth that household chores are no fun. Some of us will go to great lengths procrastinating to avoid them, while others are so OCD they have to clean every cup the second they finish their drink.

Yet despite the unappealing nature of doing housework, we have to admit that some are less tiresome than others.

In this article, we uncover the nation’s most to least favourite household chores – and share some handy hacks when it comes to cleaning our homes this Christmas.

Most to Least Favourite Chores

In a recent survey from fitted furniture specialists, Hammonds, we uncover that taking the crown for the most preferred household chore amongst Brits, is hoovering – with 13% of Brits claiming to enjoy this chore above all others. While laundry closely followed in second place at 12%,  we were unsurprised to discover that ironing is the most hated household duty, stealing 17% of votes.

Christmas Cleaning Hacks

To make our Christmas housework that little bit more bearable, we have some top tips and tricks to share with you when it comes to keeping our homes shipshape.

Wave goodbye to pine needles – Christmas trees can be a magical addition to our homes throughout December, but there’s no denying their shedding can be a nuisance. Avoid clogging up your hoover and instead, use some trusty duct tape to say, “au revoir!” to those pesky pine needles.

Get your silverware sparkling – don’t spend hours scrubbing your cutlery in the sink when there are a million other things to be done! Simply soak them in warm water with salt and baking powder, and voila! You’ll have shining silverware that is ready to go.

Keep your Christmas lights tangle-free – we can all agree that taking down the tree when Christmas is over is nowhere near as fun as putting up, and we often opt for the quickest way to get the job done. A top trick is to wind your fairy lights around strips of cardboard, that way when next Christmas rolls around, they’re tangle-free and tree-ready!

Safely store glass baubles – there’s nothing more beautiful than decadent glass baubles, but storing them can be tricky and it only takes one drop for these fragile decorations to smash! Pop them inside plastic cups to prevent them from colliding against the rest of your Christmas decs. These can be stacked neatly in rows and placed in a box, ready to bring out again next year.