We all know the quality and style of  vintage Ralph Lauren clothing. Vintage apparel offers a unique style that sets the wearer apart from the mass-produced clothing available in stores today.

Many people are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of fast fashion. By purchasing thrift clothing, individuals can participate in a more sustainable fashion choice by recycling and reusing items already in existence.

And of course vintage clothing is often made with higher quality fabric and craftsmanship compared to mass-produced clothing. This can result in garments that are more durable and have a longer lifespan.

When searching for thrift stores that offer great fashion, accessories, and homeware bargains in London, you are looking for a balance between quality and price.

Knowing which vintage store to visit is key, and I have compiled a list of five of the top thrift shops in London that will give you value for the best prices.

Here they are:

1. Blitz London

Taking up all floors of a beautifully renovated Victorian furniture factory on Hanbury Street, London, this vintage shop which launched in 2011 brings out the best in vintage fashion, second-hand homeware, and lifestyle in general. Their collections are so diverse that selecting clothes from the well-organised rails can make you wonder if bundling everything into your car is not better.

Some of the numerous affordable items you can find at Blitz London include a broad furniture selection, a book collection, a floor filled with accessories, and rails of neatly arranged clothing.

2. Beyond Retro

If you are a sucker for all things retro, whether for men or women, get ready to be amazed by the immense assortment of vintage clothing this east London store offers. The clothing is so unbelievably cheap, no-one will fault you if you decided to go on a shopping spree. Where else would you get t-shirts and jumpers from £5 upwards? Only in a true treasure chest, right?

Whether you are young or old, fashion-conscious or nerdy, the path to living out your retro dreams begins in Beyond Retro.

3. Victory Vintage

Perhaps there is nothing to the name, but if this spacious and skilfully organised store in Whiteleys Shopping Centre, West London, bears the name Victory Vintage because shopping there makes one feel like a victorious lord riding home with his spoils, then Founders, Zoe Plummer and Rebecca, must be geniuses.

While items here are a tad costlier than ones you may find in some other vintage shops in London, what you get in return is quality retro dresses, jewellery, suits, shoes, and accessories carefully handpicked by experienced traders in the industry like Jake Hammond.
For a thrift vintage shop, the quality offered appears too good to be true, but is actually true!.

4. East End Thrift Store

Located in Assembly Passage, London, this warehouse store packages a wide range of both men’s and women’s second-hand vintage clothing and footwear at giveaway prices. Considering that London is listed among the top expensive cities in the world to live in, East End Thrift Store is a gem for anyone looking for cheap clothes in the city.

With vintage denim shirts priced at £15, party frocks at £10, and jackets at £25, you get more value for your money here. The store also regularly hosts special events like the ‘£1 days’ where all items are sold at £1 each and ‘Thrift Stock sales’, which offers fifteen tons of bargains, each items for £1.

5. Cafe Vintage

Sitting in a former rundown grocery store at 88 Mountgrove Road, London, Cafe Vintage mixes vintage fashion for men and women, nostalgic cakes and artisan breads, gifts and accessories, and great coffee, and the blend is perfection.

After a delicious cup of coffee and platter of breads, you can simply venture into the backroom to discover shoes, clothes, and accessories reminiscent of 1940 Britain with tinges of the ’80s and ’90s. Do not hurry. Take your time to scour through the collection and you will definitely find gems that do not cost the earth to take home.

There are many other thrift shops in London like Absolute Vintage, Leftovers, and Crazy Man Crazy. However, a visit to the five mentioned above will leave you wondering why you have been spending hundreds of pounds on your clothes and shoes in the past.