Minecraft is a popular game for kids that almost anyone can play. It is deceptively simple yet really hard to master. Although kids are the primary audience for this game, grownups are finding more alternative ways to keep entertained that don’t need using a Free Bet Calculator. So let’s see how to play Minecraft.

Minecraft Basics

Minecraft teaches kids lots of different elements and their uses. For example, it lets them know about mining, obsidian, trees, wood, different rocks, strategies, etc. There are so many things in Minecraft that you have to play it yourself to understand it properly.

When begin a game of Minecraft, you have nothing on you and you have to start breaking stuff with your bare hands. When you break stuff like trees and rocks you gather those materials, and with those materials you can craft stuff. After you break things and gather enough materials you can craft tools like wooden axe, wooden pickaxe, wooden hoe, and a wooden sword. Then you can you chop trees faster with your tools. You can also make a house with all the wood you gather.

After you build your house you should spend your first in your house to protect yourself from the creepers. You can fight the enemies if you like but it is better to be safe at this point of the game. Then the next morning you should work on building a farm so you can get food and other stuff. You can use your wooden sword (if you’ve crafted one at this point) to kill animals like chickens, pigs, cows, and sheep. All the animal drop meat so you can keep yourself healthy with those, and the sheep drop wool so you can make bed with them for you to sleep in.

Tips for New Players

  1. You should mine in caves.
  2. You should eat food when your hunger bars go down.
  3. There is generally coal and lava inside a rock hill.
  4. You can find diamonds at lava levels (at level 18)

Which mode should you play on?

There are three modes in Minecraft. The Survival mode, the Creative mode, and the Hardcore mode.

In Survivor mode, you have to do in game tasks like collecting wood, coal, and iron so you can use them to craft new items, which can then help you get more items. You will die in this mode and as the mode suggests, you have to survive by any means necessary. The enemies in this mode can kill you in just a few hits so be careful when you face them. Survival mode also gives difficulty options like peaceful, easy, medium, and hard. If you are absolutely new at the game then you should start with peaceful difficulty so you can wrap your head around all the different mechanics of the game.

In Creative mode, you can fly in the game and you can do basically you want. You will never get hurt in this mode. If you want to create something or want to teach kids about making things then this mode is for you.

In Hardcore mode, you have to really fight for your life. If you die in this mode then you don’t respawn like in survivor mode. Only play hardcore mode when you understand all the mechanics of the game.