We live in a dynamic world of technology where things have a tendency of changing overnight. Therefore every brand needs to find the best way to reach to a wider audience at the same time adjusting their approach towards the given circumstances. To look deeper into this issue we will investigate the mobile technology from the point of view of three countries, USA, UK and Germany.

Mobile Technology in the USA

In the USA retailers have come up with a rather unique approach of using the benefits of the mobile devices. Since the usage of mobiles is so wide spread it has always been an attractive tool for retailers who are willing to attract more customers. The idea to enable customers to purchase things through their phones and even pay for the things they buy directly in the stores seems very promising. Apple Pay and the iPhone 6 are leaders on the market when it comes to mobile payments. In addition to that retailers have come up with another method of attracting customers which is directly connected to their current location. The main idea of this practice is to enable retailers to send messages to the mobile devices and directly contact the potential customers once they enter into a pre-defined geographical area. This technology is still under development but having in mind how fast the world is moving forward it shouldn’t take long before this becomes a usual practice.

UK’s Take on Mobile Marketing

The UK is gradually starting to see the potential that the mobile marketing has and they are planning on making significant changes in their approach towards this type of marketing. According to some researches, in 2013 19% of their free time, consumers spent on their mobile devices. However, in this period only 4% of the entire marketing was focused on the mobiles. 2014 shows increase in the mobile marketing and with the results of 2015 it is expected that this type of marketing will become a significant part of the process of promotion of every business.

The main reason why mobile marketing has been so neglected is simply because companies forget to include that as part of their budget. Once they realize their mistake they usually have a very limited budget so they decide on some cost-effective and not so successful campaigns. Many of them dismiss the mobile marketing as effective tool for promotion of their business just because it is very difficult to tell whether the campaign has achieved its primary goal or not.

Germany’s Response to Mobile Marketing

In Germany they have decided to make a good match between the mobile networks and the power of the social media. According to the survey made by BITKOM, there were 37 million people actively using the social media. This stunning numbers have encouraged advertisers to focus more on the mobile media, especially because this trend is expected to continue over the next few years leaving enough room for the creative businesses to find a way to blossom.

With over 115 million subscribers, the German mobile market is considered to be the biggest of its type in entire Europe. Therefore it is no surprise that the investments in the mobile marketing are huge and they are expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2017.

In conclusion it is clear that every country is trying to find the best way to benefit from the usage of the mobile devices and to communicate more closely with potential customers. In the next few years we can probably expect more money to be invested into the mobile marketing as it is an area worth exploring. Surely companies will look for other alternatives that they might use in their favor but until they find something better, the mobile marketing will continue to be a great way for them to do something different that will most likely bring more profit for their businesses.