The e.MILE People Development Magazine interviewed Richard Branson during a series they were developing. After concluding their 6 months series in regards to the centre for creative leadership’s (CCL) that was conducted in 2013. It led to a report with a title stating “The Challenges Leaders Face Around the World”. Some of the biggest challenges that were aired out as perceived by leaders are as follows: to inspire others, team leader, employee development, creating effectiveness in management, handling politics internally, and direct change. Different responses were given to these challenges and featured on the e.MILE People Development Magazine comprising of 6 themed months. Here, the authors and interviewees solved all the subjects in depth.

The e.MILE People Development Magazine required its final issue of the series to be released with a bang. They managed to-do-so with a superb interview that featured the great wisdom of Sir Richard Branson. Richard Branson was once identified by as one of the most admired entrepreneurs of our generation. Most of the people agree to that statement saying that Richard Branson is a modern day legend and with his words of wisdom are very great ways to complete the series by e.Mile Development Magazine.

For CEO’s and Leaders; one of the biggest piece of advice from Richard is as follows:

The author, Christinapd, asked some easy but direct questions in regards to the subject of centre for creative leadership to Richard Branson. Thereafter, Richard shared some of his great inspirational views. Richard’s interviewer wanted to know the single biggest piece of advice he had for leaders and CEO’s. When posed with this question by the interviewer; “Given your vast experience in business what is the single biggest piece of advice you would give to leaders and CEO’s reading this?” This is what he answered: “If you look back at the most successful businesses of the past 20 years – Microsoft, Google or Apple, they all played a part in shaking up their sector by doing something that hadn’t ever been done and by continually innovating. They are now among the dominant forces.”

Richard further added that; not all people can obtain such great achievement but a good foundation is to build something that everyone that works for you is very proud of. Business is made up of a group of people who are the main assets to you. Creating a business with a vision, whereby all your workers are very proud to be part of it is such a great achievement. If all CEO’s and Leaders made this a priority and part of the table’s top agendas in decision making, this would be extraordinary and definitely change the way business is conducted in the world today.

What is the biggest challenge for leaders and CEO’s?

Richard was asked about what he thought was the greatest challenge for leaders and CEO’s in today’s business world and this is what he had to say; Every business leader and CEO has a role to not only enlighten their employees but also to manage their businesses in a sustainable manner. Though he said that this is a bit tricky for CEOs who are judged on a short term performance and any long term project might take time to materialise. Shareholders and stakeholders should change their expectation of CEO’s form short-term profits and support the leaders of business in order to build long lasting plans which will grow their business and also undertake most of the world issues at once. Goals that are to be realized on a short term basis are a huge problem on the world platform. Long term goals and thinking should be embraced as the cultural norm for success. If businesses embrace this change, people working for them will feel proud and will continue to do their best.