If you run a hotel or are considering opening one then you’ll know just how important it is to make it memorable. While attracting new customers is important, encouraging guests to come back to your hotel will be a huge factor in maximising your profits.

There are almost 10,000 hotels in the UK. This means that there is significant competition and upgrading the service you offer whenever feasible will usually help provide a more memorable experience for customers.

Not sure how to go about it? Then this is the article for you. Utilise the following methods to ensure you make customers happy and keep your hotel booked up.

Focus on your rooms

Let’s face it, most of your guests’ time at the hotel will be spent in their rooms. This makes it imperative that you focus most of your attention on it.

Do this by maintaining a strict cleaning schedule to ensure rooms are at a standard your guests expect when they arrive. Consider investing in your rooms if they’re beginning to look dated too. This will wow your guests and leave a positive image in their minds when they check out of your hotel.

Whether you decide to splash out or not, things can easily get damaged when you have guests. It’s important you make sure you have insurance for the hotel which could protect your business.

Personalise the experience

Some guests will be more than happy with their room. But to make your hotel feel extra special, you need to offer them more. You should go the extra mile to make their time with you better. You can do that by:

  • Being attentive to your guests’ needs
  • Recommending menus based on their food preferences
  • Suggesting local areas or activities of interest
  • Providing complimentary drinks or snacks in rooms
  • Checking in to make sure their stay is going smoothly.

Make everything straightforward

From booking through your website or third-party sites like Expedia to checking out, everything should be quick and easy. Modern life is so fast-paced that the smallest delays may lead to bad customer experiences.

If you streamline all of these processes then your guests will remember your hotel for how convenient you made their lives. This could lead to them rebooking down the line.

Plan activities

While many may think of the hotel as only a place to come back to for sleeping, offering activities that make the most of your amenities can help guests enjoy their experience more.

This can also be a great way to get to know your guests to make their experience even more personal.