When asked to foretell the future application of technology within a customer in business, it wouldn’t be a surprise to picture restaurants occupied by robots and the willingness to buy products online and 3D print them at home. Is the future change of technology result to the end of real brand experience and could there even be real customer service under these situations in the future? If what customer service entails is about listening and responding to particular requirements of an individual, then technology makes that to be much easier. Every customer is now a multi-channel customer, thus businesses should ensure that all its customers are cared for on all platforms. When you give advice and enlighten a customer in-store is not satisfactory if the same customer undergoes difficulty when navigating the company’s website afterwards during ordering replacement parts.

Benefits of Utilizing Technology in Business

Customer’s experience whether good or bad can be displayed on social media even before the person signs off the store or after navigating and clicking away from the brand’s site. The urgency that technology has brought to customers today enables their comments to travel very fast as they promote your brand or discard it. Others want us to believe that more people are reverting to treasure handcrafted items, restaurants by use of traditional recipes, perhaps, it’s an artisan strategy. Neither, you shouldn’t be cheated that the leaders of this movement have dumped technology. In real sense, technology is their key resource that provides them with time to identify what they require for their craft or to provide for particular needs for their customers. One of our clients is an elegant restaurant which makes use of cloud-based point of sale technology to run their business and also to register their regular clients’ taste. In the past, they made use of leather bound books to keep details of diners’ wine selections, most preferred table and dietary needs, thus making sure that every time the dinner paid a visit to the restaurant the service they would be given was outstanding. These books were highly regarded, thus they were kept in a safe every night together with highly valuable restaurant assets. Today, technology lets them to keep more preferences and handle more customers like VIPs.

Not only restaurants are gaining, but also technology lets shop assistant from stockrooms to interact with customers, enables service professionals to have insight into client activity in order to raise their offering and give the consumers with the chance to communicate directly with management of a brand. Since our brand works with both retailers and restaurants, there is a possibility of a revolution on high streets as observed from our side where smaller businesses will start competing with the big businesses. No matter how small they may appear or seem to be, for instance the local café, the small hairdresser, and high street boutique are as likely to gain from technology like cloud technology or an ipad just like the electronics superstore. This is so because they free up their time to concentrate wholly on their work as well as automatically updating stocks lists and collecting information regarding their customers that they can apply to increase their overall service.

Retail Revolution

A retail revolution was led by Apple where their roaming genius shop assistants built a benchmark in one-to-one interaction helped by technology. When the shop counter was removed, it changed customer flow and enabled the assistants to offer a conversational service that felt very unique. Furthermore, several businesses are applying technology at the point of sale to get in touch in different manners; for instance, the Gazette Brasserie works with a demanding London crowd and required to better the ordering process. At the moment, they are using iPads to make the whole service process simpler for wait staff, bartenders, kitchen staff as well as clients. A waiter noting down an order for two cocktails at a table is able to display a picture of the cocktails to their customers and then discuss the ingredients. Meanwhile, the drink can be ordered immediately to the bar as the waiter discusses the food order at the table. The drastic good changes in service go beyond time saving and it is all made possible by technology.

Therefore, the discussion that technology is killing customer service isn’t true. Actually, it’s making it better and better every single day. It is a fact that technology might sometimes be used or bought by a business owner to reduce cost and increase profits, but the customers always embrace it because of what’s present in technology for them. When customers are using technology to research your products, take pictures and post them to instagram, pinterest or other social sites of the food they’re served, share their experiences by also joining them in the engagement online concerning those particular foods.