Ah! Remember the ‘Stein?’ It’s that massive pint glass that comes out once a year and guarantees a good night!

The month of October is nearly upon us and Deutschland is calling! If you can’t be in Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest in true, Bavarian style then London is the next best place!

1. Bavarian Beerhouse

When: September 21st – October 22nd (every wed-sat)
Where: Tower Hill

It’s only one night a year that we get to turn on the stein-lifting, bench-dancing fever so don’t do it if you’re not going to go all out! The Bavarian Beerhouse is a tiny portal of authentic Germany spirit right in the middle of London.

– Live Oompah Bands
– Traditional beer on tap
– Oktoberfest food specialties (so much Germany, very sausage!)
– Reserved tables available

2. Camden Oktoberfest

When: 8th and 15th October
Where: Proud Camden

Ok… this one runs day and night (yes, I know!) And I’d expect nothing less from Proud Camden, as in celebration of the Bavarian tradition, they’re stables transform into a German beer hall. Always with a touch of Camden culture however, with street vendors serving authentic food, beers and live music from bands and DJs throughout the day. For an experience like no other, Camden is yet to have let me down so far!

3. Brick Brewery

When: 7-8th October
Where: Peckham

Peckham has managed to retain its reputation as No.1 Hub for London’s huge crowd of young creative types and for good reason too! Peckham has mastered the art of modern social doings and the Brick Brewery’s taproom is the perfect first stop for Oktoberfest shenanigans. They take food very seriously and this year they’ll be flaunting an Oktoberfest menu alongside their selection of fine brews…

… So fresh you may as well be drinking straight from the barrel.

4. Bodo’s Schloss

When: 1st October
Where: Kensington

When I found out about this one I had to double take… Kensington?! You wouldn’t think that the quaint borough home to one of the royal palaces would be down for any raucous, Oktoberfest nonsense but you’d be quite wrong! Bodo’s Schloss is an authentic, Austrian Bier Keller tucked away on High Street Ken. For £34.50 per head, you can get a 2-hour dining slot, free beer, live music and entry to their discotheque!

5. The Bottle Shop

When: 23rd September
Where: Bermondsey

If beer is your thing, then this is your place. Trust me, it’s pretty damn special. On a normal evening, The Bottle Shop serves as a quirky little home to over 400 different beers, hidden in the depths of the railway arches on Druid Street. During Oktoberfest however, they dedicate themselves to Belgian home-brewers with creative concoctions that push the boundaries of what normal people would consider beer. You know that traditional ‘Marzen’ I mentioned earlier? Consider that a mere starting point at the Bermondsey Bottle Shop!

6. The Understudy

When: 23rd-25th September
Where: London’s South Bank

What more could you expect from the National Theatre’ official bar than a venue filled with trendy art-types celebrating Oktoberfest from pre to post theatre!

No one knows how to party quite like the dramatics…

The Understudy has a beautiful riverside terrace (weather permitting) and this weekend welcomes the presence of Bermondsey brewers Anspach & Hobday. They’re in charge of the Friday and Saturday night along with a stunning display of Deutsch-inspired beers. They even serve ‘Marzen’ beer, a traditional Oktoberfest brew that tastes like – well put it this way, you may as well be in Munich.

Have I missed one? Comment below with your recommend Oktoberfest venues… Here’s to making sure you don’t miss out on a hazy night in lederhosen with fuzzy memories of loudly singing and bashing a stein on a tabletop!