Are you looking for how to get the best out of Halloween in London? This small list can help!

Vauxhall Pleasure Garden Fire Festival

The Vauxhall Pleasure Garden Fire Festival is operated by the Vauxhall Trust and is, as its name says, a festival of fire. Expect people dressed in costumes, along with plenty of fire-themed entertainment. Some previous performers have been fire dancers and acrobatics. This is perfect if you want to attend a party and watch a show.

Horror Films at the Rivoli Ballroom

If you are a big horror movie fan, then the Rivoli Ballroom is worth a visit. There are an assortment of classic horror movies such as the original ‘Halloween’ and ‘Wolfman’, a great way to spend Halloween without too much effort.

Museums at Night Autumn Edition

If you are more of a history buff the Museums at night are perfect. Many of the famous museums offer special tours at night at Halloween. One such example is the Household Cavalry Museum. The tours are usually not on Halloween night so get your tickets early.

Theme parks

If you have small children and want to have some family fun, consider visiting local theme parks. A few of the larger parks offer Halloween themed areas for the month and special offers on Halloween day. One Legoland at Winsor Court is one of the parks offering Halloween specials. Every year is different and attractions change all the time.

Sky High Screams

Some people want to party with live music. The Sky High Screams at the Sky Garden, Aldgate offers a place to listen to some live soul music. The party usually last until 3am and is a fancy dress affair.

Haunted at the Medieval Banquet

Have you ever wanted to attend a king’s court and feast? The Medieval Banquet offers just that and much more. The Banquet is a full four-course meal with wine and ale. Following the theme of the medieval court, contortionists, jugglers, minstrels, wizards, and many other typical entertainers will put on a fabulous show. This highlights the knights and their incredible swordsmanship.

Jack the Ripper Ghost Walks

With London’s long and elaborate history, there are many famous places and people. Jack The Ripper was an infamous killer of the late Victorian era. The Jack the Ripper Ghost Walks take you on a walking tour of all the places related to the killer. The tours give you the real history on the killings and police insight into the crimes.

London Comic-Con

If Halloween is not your thing, but comics are, try the London Comic Con. This is held at the Royal Victoria Dock October 28-30. The event offers artists, creators, voice actors, and everything else related to comedy. If you want to see quality costumes, go to a con. The cosplayers are heads above your regular Halloween costumes.

Haunted gallery tour/Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is littered with Ghosts. Whether it be Catherine Howard or Sybil Penn, the place is consistently reporting ghostly figures and sounds. Around Halloween, the Palace offers night tours to increase your chances of seeing or hearing the late wife of Henry VIII, perfect for Halloween.

London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is one of the must-see attractions in London. The dungeon hires actors, and builds elaborate 360 degree sets for you to walk through. The shows are based on real events of the past which means it is both educational and disturbing. Plus, it is a Dungeon, and an ideal place to spend Halloween.
So there you have some great options for getting the best out of Halloween.