Visit the Attendant café for the most fascinating coffee experience in central London!

From the outside it looks like nothing more than a decommissioned, late-nineteenth-century gentleman’s public toilet but inside… it is home to an ever-evolving vision to revolutionize the London coffee experience!

Since it’s opening in 2013, the Attendant has developed into one of the most photogenic coffee shops in the city! Don’t worry; the whole venue has seen a thorough deep clean since its former purpose…

Isn’t that just the most beautiful bathroom floor you’ve ever seen in a coffee shop?

What can I say?

My friend and I are 100% coffee nuts so we headed down to check out what the fuss was all about. It’s not something you’ll forget in a hurry!

It’s quite simple, you order coffee, and perch on one of their stools to dine next to a resurrected, Fitzrovian urinal.

All fun and games and very nice to look around, but how’s the coffee?

Answer: sublime!

Whenever I do coffee reviews I always use the price of a flat white (my drink) for cost comparison: Attendant flat white – £2.80

The Attendant Vision

The Attendant café is the lovechild of Bosh McKeown and Ryan De Oliveira and their vision of permaculture. (Great word, I didn’t know what it meant either! Basically everything they do comes from renewable, natural resources, designed to better the community.)

In the bubbling bustle of Foley Street, it’s the perfect hideaway to collect your thoughts, chat and meet an abundance of interesting people, away from all of the mainstream nonsense.

Taste – Quality – Sustainability


The Attendant serves breakfast from 8am-11.30am, lunch from then ‘til 4pm and brunch somewhere in between! Their seasonal menu is ever-changing with thoughtful choices to suit all tastes. On my first visit, it was definitely a calorie pile-on with all of their rocky-road derivatives (served all day and baked freshly!) My three breakfast/ brunch favourites however?


Vanilla & Passion Fruit French Toast
Mango and Coconut Porridge
Maple Cured Bacon Sourdough

Breakfasts are all £4 or under!


You can find your nearest Attendant on Foley Street (and there’s also a chain in Shoreditch). It’s a bit of a tricky find as you expect it to be a bit more obvious. Remember, you really are looking for an old, public toilet!
… Oh, and don’t forget to sign your name on the wall!