Purchasing Christmas presents is so hard, it can be like navigating a minefield with individual names assigned to each mine. You will often encounter logistical issues like budget limitations and product availability in your local area.

Christmas season also tends to bring in some problems like how you will buy the presents. Everyone is buying presents and all the shops will be filled to the brim with shoppers. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones will be a Class A Mission impossible. This part is especially harder when you are thinking of buying your loved one a piece of jewellery. With that said, with the proper preparation and research, buying jewellery on Christmas is a walk in the park.

Do your research

If you’re thinking of buying a ring for someone, be sure that you have the correct size. Perfect Sizing in rings is a vital aspect. However, getting the size without revealing the surprise can be quite hard. Stealth is important in this operation. The level of effort in this gift will make or break this idea. Get ideas on the perfect ring by checking out Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards.

Think About Colour

Women like to be creative and mix their accessories and style. If you’re buying for someone with a more conventional preference, this is easy. However, if your loved one has a distinct sense of style, the safest choice is Rose Gold. For those with a monochrome colour scheme, however, go for White Gold instead.

Buying  A Watch For Your Man?

Watches come in different styles and designs with each having an event appropriate to it. An office watch is different from a sports watch and an evening event watch. Watch preferences should also be taken into consideration. If your man is usually working outside of the country, get a watch with a dual time feature.

Colour of Gemstones

Everyone has their favourite colours that they want to wear. Try to find out what this is for your loved one before you go shopping. If you are uncertain, find out what her birthstone is. This will add a sweet, personal touch to your gift. When buying for a woman who loves bold colours, consider sapphires while aquamarine is much better for those with a subtle sense of style.

Personalise It

Buy something that would have sentimental value to it, something that references to your relationship or detail about the individual such as their birthday or a specific memory of you two.

The great thing about jewelry is that it can carry so much sentimental value to it. Celebration rings, key pendants and charm bracelets can carry so many memories while also able to give you a sense of sophisticated style.

What makes it matter

When shopping for others it’s ideal to bear in mind the following, i.e. lifestyle, sentimental value and aesthetic. Depending on their style choose jewellery that compliments it. Don’t get someone something that they can’t use. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is, if it’s not wearable then it will just sit in their jewellery box for years. Minimalists choose something subtle but coordinated. To those that attend a lot of events, consider buying jewellery that she can wear wherever she goes from boardroom meetings to formal events like a classic pair of pearl earrings. For more ideas check out this link.