Gloucestershire has represented an enviable area to live for generations now. From postcard-ready villages like Bibury, Painswick, Bisley, and The Slaughters to cultural havens like Cheltenham, the old saying of there being ‘something for everyone’ rings entirely true in this coveted county in the South West.

And, over the course of the past year, with so many looking to distance themselves from the major cities, it has enjoyed a new level of popularity among prospective home buyers looking to embrace a quieter approach to life amid the rolling valleys and golden Cotswold stone of Gloucestershire’s idyllic communities.

One town in particular, however, has stood out more than any other. Named the Best Place to Live in Britain in 2021 on the Sunday Times’ list of the Best Places to Live. Since then, estate agents and conveyancing solicitors in Gloucestershire have seen a rising interest from buyers looking to take their spot amongst the charming architecture – and to settle in amongst the “unique independent spirit” of this old market town.

Here’s what makes Stroud special.

A World-Renowned Farmer’s Market

Each Saturday, Stroud’s quiet streets are brought to life with award winning market sellers peddling food, drink and produce from the surrounding valley. Voted Best in the UK not once but twice, visitors come from far and wide come to enjoy what this market has to offer.

Whether you simply fancy a relaxed pre-lunch stroll to pick up a fresh loaf and some local cheddar, or prefer to get your pantry stocked for the week, the market will be sure to represent the highlight of any new locals’ week.

Convenient Transport Links

While it may feel like another world, Stroud enjoys some excellent links to Bristol, Gloucester, Cheltenham and, of course, London, making it a prime area of interest for those seeking the ideal weekend home away from the crowds, without totally cutting-off access to the outside world.

Great Schools

Stroud enjoys a long list of award winning nurseries and primary schools – and, with renowned grammar schools Stroud High School and Marling positioned at the centre of it all, this town represents a great place for new families to make their start – and stay put for many, many years to come.

The Valley

Fans of Laurie Lee may recognise the name Slad Valley, which served as the writer’s inspiration for many years – and, in particular, for his pivotal novel ‘Cider with Rosie.’ Just two minutes outside of Stroud, you can lose a long afternoon rambling through the rolling green valley immortalised in literature and poetry before ending the day at a traditional English pub.

Its Spirit

Let’s not forget what truly won-over so many visitors to Stroud – the town’s independent spirit. This likely stems from a combination of a tight-knit community, an appreciation for both the old and the new, and an enviable ability to adopt a slower pace of life that so much of us want to achieve.