Nearly 13% of UK adults are running their own businesses as of 2022, and with the self-care trends on the rise, the number of high street salons is continuing to increase. As such, staying ahead of the competition is important if you want your business to succeed. Here we will investigate ways you may look to grow your salon from utilising social media to implementing automated systems to increase your efficiency.

Consider new services

You should be aware of what your competitors are offering vs the demand for particular services. If plenty of your local competitors offer spray tans but few offer tanning beds, investing in a tanning bed could be a great move for your business. As a relatively passive income source, tanning beds create loyal customers as nobody tans just once. When this piece of equipment is combined with a good loyalty program and an enhanced tanning experience through the ability to purchase tan accelerators like lotions and creams, you are likely to find yourself with an increase in revenue and a steady flow of customers using the service.

Online Booking Systems

Many customers prefer to be able to book appointments online rather than speak to someone via phone so offering an online booking system means that less time in the salon will be spent answering calls, making them convenient for both you and your clients. Online booking can drastically improve the efficiency of your salon as clients can be sent automated appointment reminders and you have the option to require a deposit or pre-payment for appointments. This is likely to reduce the number of no-shows which ensures that the salon is not losing money regularly.

Social Media

The majority of businesses nowadays utilise social media as part of their marketing campaigns. Within the beauty industry, one of the top channels is Instagram with salon owners reporting that over 75% of their new clients come from the site. Social media is a great way to advertise your products and services from gorgeous nail art to before and after pictures of makeup looks and non-surgical cosmetic procedures like lip filler. As a visual platform, you can use Instagram as a way to advertise your portfolio, while also keeping track of your progress and metrics through the ‘business’ option on the site.

Run Competitions

A simple yet effective way to grow your salon business is to run competitions throughout the year. Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are perfect mediums for building your brand and engaging your customers. When competitions are marketed correctly – offering a good quality prize and targeting people who are naturally interested in the brand – they can be a great way to increase your following and brand awareness.

Email Newsletters

Branded email newsletters are a great way to keep customers loyal to your business and communicate directly with them. Your newsletters can include promotional offers and business news, as well as request feedback from your clients to help improve your salon. Email marketing also allows you to automate your emails which can act as a reminder for an appointment which is highly beneficial if you are looking to avoid no-shows.