Welcome to my LN Review Fresher’s survival guide! By now, you’re probably being taunted by all of your friends in Manchester and beyond talking about how much fun they’re having going out in the north of England where it’s cheap.

Meanwhile you’re sitting in your dorm room eating beans from a can having spend all of your dollar on rent…

Fear not! It’s possible to enjoy yourself in London, I promise. At round about this time when I was doing the freshers thing I had been dumped on the end of the corridor and couldn’t get internet in my room due to the ‘60s, reinforced lead doors…

… so you’re doing better than me!

Here’s how to go out for dinner without breaking the bank:

1. Franco Manca

I don’t know which god on earth created this beauty of a restaurant but I will be forever in their debt. £4.50 for an authentic, Italian, sourdough base, rustic, wonderful, gourmet pizza. There are loads of chains dotted about too! You can quite literally go out and eat for under a fiver. You’re welcome.

2. Falafel and Shawarma

Head down to Falafel and Shawarma on Camberwell Church Street for one of the best, authentic, yet money-smart kebab houses in London. They have a variety of mixed meze and chicken shawarma delights but I thank them dearly for the King of all falafel wraps that will leave you just a mere £3.50 out of pocket! That’s right, friends in the north!

3. Herman Ze German

I’ve done the research and this is a hot dog well worth your time and financial investment. £4.45 will buy you a bockwurst and any three of their super central locations. Choose from Charing Cross, Soho or Fitzrovia to pick up a legendary giant sausage. Sehr Gut!

4. Koshari Street

Heading to Egypt now for a palette cleanse and a healthy detox with Covent Garden’s taken on the traditional, Koshari dish. At still only £4.50, you can order yourself a regular Koshari – a fine layering of lentils, onions, rice’s, spices and more. Bargain grub for London’s West End!

5. The Melt Room

Tip for general life: London’s little gems often reside down the backstreets of their best-known parts. You never have to go very far, but they’re not visible to the tourist’s eye!

This is true for the melt room that resides in the back yard of Oxford Circus, selling calorific, mouth-watering American grilled cheeses to eat in or take away. Their seasonal combos are always good to look out for to keep the price low but your stable fail-safe is their grilled mac ‘n cheese that will set you back just £5!
6. Arancini Factory Cafe

Salads are on of those things I hate spending money because I never feel like they’re worth it. This is where the Arancini Factory changed my life! If you’ve never tried arancini, they’re Sicilian risotto balls, rolled with mozzarella and grilled to a perfect golden colour. Located in Kentish Town, the original salad box for £5 at the Arancini Factory will have you walking away with some arancini, perfectly complemented with veggies.

7. Wellbeing Kitchen

The clue is in the name! This is one of my absolute favourites as it is definitely one of those places that don’t feel like you’re eating healthy. Located on Shaftesbury Avenue, this place does fantastic Korean food and I can’t actually decide which menu item is their best value for money! £3.90 for a small roasted chicken or salmon in teriyaki sauce is a great choice and to go large would only push you 50p over our £5 limit!
Those are my top 7 cheap eats in London! Stay tuned for more freshers survival guides from LN Review!