Hundreds of new games are released every year, so it’s impossible to try them all out and see what they are about. That’s especially true for titles made by smaller development teams and games that slip under the radar. Goat Simulator is one of those games most people never heard of, but it’s one of the craziest and funniest video games in history.

The guys at Creative Solutions To Gifts still play it from time to time because they simply enjoy playing like a crazy goat running around town, ruining people’s homes, and kicking them all over the map. But we’ll get to the details in a few moments. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you why Goat Simulator is a game you should definitely try.

The Original Idea

We all remember those viral videos of goats with their tongues sticking out while they make weird noises. Those videos were so popular a few years ago, the guys at Coffee Stain Studies decided to take things even further.

They came up with a game that allows the player to control one of these goats from the third person, and the setting allows them to create their memes on the go. What was started as a simple idea turned out to become one of the weirdest and funniest games of all time. The guys at Creative Solutions To Gifts still keep thinking of new ways to use their goat to create chaos across the map.

How Does It Feel To Be A Goat?

When you think about simulation games, you probably picture Flight Simulator, racing games, sports simulations, and so on. However, some game developers decided to approach simulation games from another angle, so they released a few funny simulation games, Goat Simulator being the most successful title so far.

It was released on the 1st of April 2014, and the world was simply not ready for the game. At first, just like the guys at Creative Solutions To Gifts, most people thought that the game was just a convenient joke for April fools, but it turned out to be a full, standalone game. The game puts you in the role of a goat running around town, harassing people on the streets, in their homes, and everywhere in between. What’s not to like?

The Gameplay

While there’s no real story behind the game, it turned out to be one of the funniest titles ever released. At first, the game looks like a sandbox experience where you don’t have much to do other than licking people on the street and exploring the small goat-friendly town. You kick some people, move their furniture around, break windows, and possibly even run into explosives that launch your goat into the air.

Whatever happens, your goat can’t die, so you can do anything you want. There are all kinds of activities you can try on the map, including flying a jet pack, playing soccer, running a backyard birthday party, and becoming the prince of darkness. However, most of these activities become boring quickly, and that’s when the game becomes interesting.

As you run around and explore the map, you’ll find some weird locations, including a huge pentagram in the bushes. If you read the signs right, these seemingly random locations turn out to be puzzles that lead to some crazy outcomes no one expects.

The quest that surprised everyone at Creative Solutions To Gifts turns your normal-looking goat into a black goat from hell. There’s a small castle structure on the map with a little door on top. Once you figure out how to open the door, your goat is taken to another dimension where it turns into the Prince of Darkness.

You return to the map as a black goat that looks like a four-legged demon. That’s just one random quest you get to experience while playing the game. By the way, Goat Simulator is an action game.

The Graphics

Considering that it’s such a low-budget game, Goat Simulator looks excellent. The entire game is made using Unreal Engine 3, which was the best engine for video games at the time. For a game that’s more a meme than anything else, it provides a gaming experience that can stand next to most other games of the time.

Everything about Goat Simulator is unique, which is why it’s still played far and wide today. With advanced physics and a super-fun concept, the game quickly became popular among gamers of all ages. Creative Solutions To Gifts still can’t get over how detailed the world is and how many hours of fun it can provide.  The effects are fantastic, too, especially the part when your goat becomes a black demon.

The game provides a surprisingly good experience overall, and it’s one of those titles that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Explore the Crazy World of Goat Simulator

Everything about Goat Simulator is crazy as it sounds. Right when you think that the game doesn’t have much to offer, it surprises you with something that makes you want to go back and play it again tomorrow. It’s also an excellent gift for your friends, even though years have passed since it was first released.

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