Technology is dominating the way most businesses approach marketing, but there is much to still be had from employing traditional offline marketing methods. The mail shot is still potentially one of the most affordable and effective ways for a business to reach a large group of potential customers. But how can a business prevent their message being ignored amongst a flurry of junk mail?

The answer is simple, and highly affordable, for businesses in the know – using the right business envelopes. It’s as simple as that, choosing the right envelope to send a marketing or promotional message can greatly increase the chances of it being opened and acted upon by the recipient.

Capturing their attention

The first, and most important, thing for a business to consider with their mail-shot is how to capture the attention of the recipient. People still get lots of mail, and a lot of it is stuff they’re not interested in.

Customers are wise to basic mail marketing ploys now, and certain marketing methods have been overused to the point that they actively resist against them – which usually means throwing the letter straight into the recycling bin, unopened.

To avoid that, a business has to grab their attention by using clear and vibrant colour schemes, paired to a concise message. The person receiving the letter has to know who it has come from, what it contains, and why they should open it, before they even think about opening.

Choosing the right colour

An essential aspect of getting the right tone with a mail-shot is understanding the psychology of colour. A lot can be said about a business from the colour palette they choose and the designs they incorporate into the overall presentation. A business can appear dynamic and vibrant, or subtle and restrained, simply from the colours they choose to present their marketing mail in.

The sheer quality of the envelope is important to consider, too. Remember that offline marketing is tactile – people can touch and feel what they’re being presented. A cheap and nasty envelope indicates a business that puts their focus more on cost than customer experience, and indicates to the recipient they’re just part of a bulk mail-shot.

A higher quality envelope, however, with a much softer, thicker, more tactile feel can give the impression of a business of much higher standing – one that goes the extra mile to make their customers feel special, even with the little things.

Make a minimal investment for maximum returns

The thing about investing in the envelopes a business chooses to send their mail-shots in is that it requires such little investment. Customised envelopes are cheaper than ever, so accessible to businesses of all sizes.