As you age, your skin changes and you need a different skin care regimen. In your 40s, it’s about preserving and enhancing the natural abilities of your skin.

Take a minute to examine your dressing table and skin care products. You’ll find a collection of brands that you really love, your favourite fragrances, your makeup and your skincare. Look at them all again and try and recall if these are the same products you were using 10 years ago, or perhaps even earlier. Chances are the answer is yes.

It’s hard to let go of a good skin care product that works really well for you, we know. But your skin is not the way it was 10 years ago, and your products may be doing more harm than good. With every decade, your skin requires a change in the kind of products you use. In your 40s, the focus should be on those products that enhance the production of collagen and elastin – the two major proteins that keeps you skin taught and plump. The production of this reduces as you move into your mid 20s and by your 40s and will need help in getting back on track. This is why you need a set of skin care products that will do the right job for you.

Morning skincare regimen

Morning cleanser: What you need is a product that will help your skin retain its natural oils and help with maintaining a soft and supple complexion. At the same time, it should have the ability to get rid of any oil or grime that collected on your skin at night. A non-foaming cleanser formula is the best way to go to ensure this.

Radiance serum: As you move into your 40s, your skin will naturally produce less sebum. This is secreted by the sebaceous glands and helps seal in moisture and prevents the skin drying up. With the reduction in sebum, your skin is more vulnerable to the elements. Adding in an antioxidant, nourishing serum to your regimen will help your skin win the battle against pollutants.

The serums you should choose must have collagen-increasing properties. These boost collagen creation and stimulate healing and health. The addition of Vitamin C to these serums also helps in the process or repair and renewal. However, be careful to avoid using serums that have vitamin C and copper, as their properties cancel each other out. Adding in a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid will help with your skin health.

Day face cream: Your biggest investment will be in your day face cream. This is the product that acts as a sealant and keeps in all the serums and natural oils that your body produces. Ideally, consult with a skin specialist to understand the kind of skin you have before investing in the best product.

Add an SPF cream after you use the moisturiser. Choose a product that has SPF 35-40 and use it every day, not only on sunny days. UV rays penetrate cloud cover and your skin even on dark, dull, winter days as well. These UV rays damage your skin and advance the signs of aging.

Night skincare regimen

Evening cleanser: As you age, your skin will likely change its type. A once oily skin may turn dry or neutral, or a normal skin may find itself becoming dry and sensitive. It is important that your products change to match, or else you will have clogged pores or thirsty skin, and end up harming the skin barrier. At the end of day, rather than use another formula cleanser, consider using a make-up remover oil. It’s much more effective in getting the job done thoroughly. You can follow up with a gentle, cream cleanser if you wish.

Exfoliator: As you age, your skin gets thinner. Face scrubs you used in your 20s can be abrasive on your skin and damage the surface. Exfoliation still remains important now, in your 40’s. However, restrict it to once or twice a week and invest in a scrub that is acid-based, for example, glycolic acid. This will scrub your skin without damaging it in any way.

Night cream: In your 40s, the inability of a cell to divide and grow diminishes and slows. Your night cream will need to provide it nutrients that will help with skin repair and put the brakes on aging. Use a lush, deeply moisturising cream that’s packed with nutrients so you can heal and refresh your skin while you sleep.

After your night cream, massaging your skin with an anti-ageing serum will help drain the lymphatic system of toxins and reduce puffiness, particularly around the cheeks and eyes.

Look after yourself

Other than a great skincare routine, a healthy lifestyle with clean(ish) eating, exercise and a relatively stress-free environment can work wonders for your skin. Avoid alcohol, get enough sleep, and never act your age.