UK-based investor Tej Kohli uses the foundation he created with his wife to lead the way on global health initiatives, including a relentless search for a cure for corneal blindness. His foundation is actively working towards a cure for corneal blindness, and the goal is to have a cure for blindness within the next 15 years. They have already made substantial progress towards a cure.

He is also very interested in artificial intelligence. Whether it is used to power the latest version of Siri on your IPhone or to create a bionic limb, artificial intelligence is the future. As such, investing time and resources into artificial intelligence now is a bet Kohli is making turns into much profit down the road.

Since Kohli is based in London, many people in the United Kingdom benefit from Kohli’s investments and interests. He and his teams have made great strides on the cure for corneal blindness. And, Kohli is active and aggressively mentors and trains the next generation in technological fields.

Curing Blindness to Improve Impoverished Countries

Most definitely, Kohli’s passion lies in finding a cure for corneal blindness. Through his non-profit foundation, he also works to provide amenities such as education to the under-privileged. His legacy and impact on the world will never be forgotten. He has teamed up with his wife to lead this foundation, which deals with many global health issues, in addition to researching corneal blindness.

His foundation recently donated $14 million to the institute that is dedicated to curing corneal blindness. This money will be vital to the success of the scientific research efforts into the disease.

Since most people visually impaired live in impoverished countries, Kohli’s goals are global in nature. By curing blindness, he wants to improve the entire world. Entire countries will see economic and physiological improvements from the cure his teams are researching.

Entrepreneur Work

There is nobody better to learn from than the top expert in his field, no matter what field that is. As a mentor, Tej Kohli does not disappoint. His passion for mentoring young entrepreneurs has led to successful business ventures by many of his students. His company, Kohli Ventures, leads his entrepreneur endeavors. He passionately mentors students in a variety of technological fields.

He is relying on his investment in artificial intelligence to directly affect the other causes he cares about in global health. By improving robotics and computer intelligence, that can directly correlate to improving global health and possibly curing corneal blindness. All of Kohli’s interests tie together, as he hopes his investments in technology will help to cure blindness, which will improve the health of people worldwide.

Family Life

Tej Kohli has made London home for himself, his wife, and their two teenagers. In his free time, he also enjoys ballroom dancing and is a car enthusiast. While he works and travels globally, he and his family are based out of London where his children attend school.