The modern working environment has changed drastically over the past few years, particularly with the rise of remote and hybrid working.

Even as businesses are able to return to work, many staff don’t want to, finding that working from home is more convenient.

Those who have to return to the office still want more flexibility, with as many as 72% of workers preferring hybrid work to a full return to the office.

As a result of these changes to the working landscape, many businesses are having to rethink their office designs and adapt accordingly.

While some companies might choose to get rid of their office space altogether, many are returning to their commercial properties, with businesses returning to work rising rapidly.

These companies might find that their office space no longer meets their evolving requirements, which could lead to issues.

If you’re running a business and want to adapt your office space to suit the modern workforce, then here’s a selection of useful ideas.

Create More Communal Workspaces

One of the main benefits of working in the office, as opposed to working from home, is that you can enjoy more socialisation in an office. As such, you should consider removing any booths from your office space and instead add shared desks. It might help if you also tried to create a more open-plan space for your employees so that they can see each other and talk throughout the working day.

Choose Ergonomic Furniture

Another benefit of working in an office, as opposed to from home, is that staff can get access to better furniture. After all, many home workers were forced into working from home due to the pandemic, and many started off working at dining room tables or using old office chairs. Now that they are returning to the office, you can tempt staff back with high-quality, ergonomic furniture. Explore the best ergonomic office chairs and other items, such as desks, that can ensure that your staff are comfortable and able to work to the best of their abilities.

Add Modern Art To Make Your Office Stand Out

Offices are often thought of as bland, dull spaces, but you can set yours apart from the rest by adding modern art. Common prints can look tacky, so consider choosing original art from up and coming artists that will stand out and won’t cost the earth. There are many affordable pieces out there, and you can find items that are unique and captivating. Choosing modern art for your office is an enjoyable task for art lovers, so consider inviting members of your staff to help you in your search. This approach will make them feel involved in the refurbishment and save you time, so it could be a useful strategy.

Incorporate Your Business’s Branding

As well as modern art, you could also consider choosing office décor that matches your business’s branding. This might include wall decals of your firm’s logo and window partitions with it on them also. You could also think about taking a more subtle approach to incorporating your company’s branding into your office design, such as selecting furniture and decorations that are the same colour as your firm’s branding. Incorporating your branding into your office design is particularly important for any business that welcomes customers into its office space, so use these ideas to create a cohesive and memorable office environment.

Find A Reliable Partner To Create Your Vision

Once you have an idea of what you want to do with your office space, you need to find a contractor who can help you to turn your office design ideas into a reality. Office refurbishment experts such as Amos Beech have the skills and expertise you need to take your design ideas and transform them into a stunning office space that you and your team will love. They know all about incorporating branding and adapting spaces of all shapes and sizes, so they can help you to see what is possible and how you can build the ideal space for your business.

Enjoy Your New Office Space

Now that your new office space is up and running, you can start making the most of it. Consider hosting a reopening day and welcoming clients, staff and your industry peers to explore your newly refurbished office. You could also use this as an opportunity to gain new customers by making the event open to everyone and possibly even by offering a discount to celebrate the occasion. When you’ve got all your staff back into the office, you should make sure that you make the most of all the new features you’ve added, and any that aren’t required can be revisited to see if they’re still needed. By using these tips to help you design an innovative and creative workspace, you can ensure that your office refurbishment meets the needs of your modern business.