The chief retailers are always gradually enhancing their existence in the online world. A lion’s share of the people of Britain are now committed to the internet in the hope of a convenience that last day and night long and the utility to compare different prices with ease. We find it comfortable to simply log on, click at a few spots and then get our desired package delivered right in front of our doors. In 2013 only, the United Kingdom spent more than £91 billion in online marketing. This is a 16% rise compared to the previous year 2012, and in 2014, the anticipated exchange of £107 billion was surpassed, spent only in online stores and commodities.

The Challenges in E-commerce

In spite of having such a big impact, e-commerce is not something that you can accurately refer to as a mature market. Almost half of all the internet based businesses tend to fold within the first year of their venture. SMEs are in distinctively fragile situations. However, not being persuaded by the
anticipated cost required to set up a website combined with the dread of failure in future, a lot of mini business owners tend to get their customers from door to door.

The Benefits in E-commerce

You should know that when you go online with your business, you not only help to give your business profits a better shot at success, but you also make necessary differentiations in your business. It can enlarge your base of customers and lessen the consequences of potential adverse marketing conditions. Consequently, this procedure can give SMEs the biggest opportunity of growth which can be achieved by you.

Things to Consider

If you have considered all the pros and cons of the topic, you might wonder “So, where should I begin from? No matter how terrifying your to-do list may initially seem to be, but actually it does not need to be a complicated or costly affair. The first thing that you need to consider is that website, which will be used to showcase and sell the goods and services that you would like to provide. An off-the-shelf all-in-one offer which will contain the domain registration with the site and hosting is one of the best options to start with for lots of small businesses.

The next thing that you need to consider is to decide, who should be chosen as a payments provider. The payments section may not seem to be as glamorous as the other business priorities, but they are a crucial part of all e-commerce strategies.
The very first thing that you will require is a merchant account which is designed so that it can process any online credit card and debit card expenditures. There should be a Payment Gateway service in order to settle all clientele payments done online to be transferred into that account.

Another major issue that you should consider is choosing your shopping cart provider. The choice is huge, but standing at the basic level, you ought to work it out whether you wish to be a host of your own payment or you want it under the care of a payment provider service. Simplicity, security, intuition and easy navigation are some of the most important things to consider. If these criterions are overlooked, your clientele may leave your website.

Undoubtedly, all of the above must be mobile friendly. In this way, your business can benefit from the emerging trend of shopping on-the-go. In this month of June only, 19% of payments which were processed by Worldpay, were done by mobile devices, androids and tablets. Over the timeline of the last two years, there has been a 15% growth in electronic mobile gadgets used to make the payments.

With the advantages and conveniences, online commerce also comes with a few regulations that you must comply with. So, if you want to avoid any trouble, you should familiarise yourself with several laws and regulations and follow them accordingly.

In a nutshell, this idea of online commerce might seem to be a grand investment opportunity of time, money and effort which is suitable for small business owners. But when a potential market is ranging £107 billion only in 1 year in the United Kingdom only, you can easily get the idea that this is a great opportunity which speaks for itself. If you can set up and make it run, your e-commerce small business will start at the local vicinity and then soon spread out further and if you are persistent enough, it can take you to international stages, which were never even dreamt of.