The supermarket: you probably visit it at least weekly to buy essentials and other items. However, whether you have quite realised its potential as an advertising spot is another question.

Though you might have a shopping list at close hand when you drop by a supermarket, you probably won’t leave it without having bought a few things you hadn’t previously realised were even on the shop’s shelves. However, this likelihood only begins to explain the power of supermarket advertising…

Few people stick to shopping lists 

In fact, just 10% of people do so, according to one statistic. So, imagine how much influence you could have on a shopper if, when they perusing the product selection in their local supermarket, they notice an ad for your own product — one that is actually available to buy from the same store…

Though online shopping has become an increasingly viable option for sourcing groceries, a huge number of sales still occur in brick-and-mortar stores.

Aisle believe it when I see it…

You probably will see it, too — in, yes, an aisle! Here, the word ‘it’ refers to an ad in a supermarket — and, if you are especially eager to get your product noticed, you could place ads for it at the start of various aisles.

The genius of this strategy is that it would enable you to catch shoppers’ notice at the right time. They will already be on the lookout for a certain product — and your own could fit the bill, especially if your ad includes details of how the reader would be able to redeem a discount code on the product in question.

A trolley can act as a mobile billboard 

There might be opportunities for you to put ads on trolleys in a supermarket. This approach could work dividends, too — as many people could easily see your ad on the trolley when passing it.

According to one estimate cited by Tweak Your Biz, a supermarket customer will, on average, spend roughly 41 minutes looking for the groceries they need. Hence, your trolley ad could have plenty of time to imprint itself in this customer’s mind.

It’s easy for people to trust a big-name retailer 

Naturally, retailers like these are often in the position to open and run supermarkets in the first place. So, the simple fact that such a company has agreed to display your particular ad could be enough to convince many visitors to this shop that the product being advertised is, by extension, also worthy of their respect.

One advertising purveyor that works alongside supermarket retailers — namely, Asda and Sainsbury’s — is Clear Channel, with which your own company could partner in order to utilise supermarket advertising.

There are many different areas of a supermarket site where ads can be placed — including just outside the entrance as well as physically inside the building, such as on walls, billboards, checkout dividers and even receipt paper. Supermarket advertising opens up an impressive wealth of possibilities — and that’s a big reason why we are so excited about it.