If you have been thinking that private investigators were only roles in a movie, then you are mistaken because Private Investigator Margate of Kent can prove that tracking every move you make is really easy. Private Investigator Margate (https://privateinvestigator-margate.co.uk) understand why are private investigators held to a higher standard, it is because the job holds a lot of responsibility, trust and liability. A friend volunteered to participate in an experiment.
On your walk to the bus stop, it would be difficult to imagine that there is someone a few steps behind you who is recording a video of each move you make. Following you, writing down your conversations, taking note of everyone you talk to.
This is the exactly what a Private Investigator Margate from Kent did with the woman for an entire day. According to our friend, she thought she would definitely know if someone was filming her but she had no idea at all that the detective was on her case.
The investigator was able to track her from her apartment in Margate in Kent, onto the bus and all the way to her job, equipped with DSLR camera, a Covert Camera Recorder and many other gadgets, without ever becoming suspicious.
The woman said when she talked about that specific day – “I was informed that at some day of that week I will be tracked for research – so I tried to be extra aware of my surroundings. However, even with this awareness she did not notice anything and was very surprised. She was sure that she would easily notice if she was being photographed or filmed in public but could not detect the investigator at all”.
The woman went out of the building to meet a friend after trundling to work completely unaware she was being followed. The Private Investigator Margate detective followed her and her friend to a nearby bar where they manage to get close enough to the pair to listen to their chat and report back about what they drank, where they went and how ‘animated’ the dialogue was. The investigator’s report showed that he filmed the two with a camera hidden under the table and had close-up photos of her mate.
Excerpts from the report – “The man was affectionate with subject as they walked, often laying his hand on her. The appeared to be at ease with each other’s company. The man purchased two drinks at the bar, after they sat, and then returned to the table. The proceeded to have what seemed to be an exciting conversation”.
Our friend received a 17 page document that detailed every single move she made that morning, having been trailed for 6 hours. It included 50 pictures, a 15-minute video and two maps showing her route to work and where – exactly – she went with her friend that afternoon.
She was shocked and admitted that she did not believe these things happened for real. It is always fun to watch in the movies, but it could be extremely scary when one is tracked unknowingly in real life”.
Whether Pls needs to be regulated strictly is a continuous debate. For instance, when you hire a plumber or a construction worker, they must be controlled by a governing body and it should be same here. There is no real regulation of the private investigation industry.
In connection with the laws governing data protection, the firm is supposed to be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We are not only license-ready but registered at Private Investigator Margate too.
Concerns with unsupervised, off-the-cuff private investigators are sensible but by ensuring you are using a professional company like Private Margate who uses proper technique, you don’t need to worry. Stories of detectives who cross the line when gathering information abound, or those whose charges are too high, as well as those who don’t hand in a complete report to their customers. But there are always that kind of companies out there, regardless of the business and industry.
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