Over the last few years, vaping has become something much bigger than simply being a fun tool amongst young people. You will find that people of all ages engage with the trend, and it shows no signs of going away. This is what you need to know about vaping, and why it continues to grow in popularity.

Understanding What Vaping Is

Vaping has shown in recent years that it continues to evolve and gain popularity. When first introduced, you would see them as tiny mechanical thin sticks designed to look like a common cigarette. Some of these were one-use devices, meaning they would be thrown away once consumed.

They were introduced as a method to stop smoking, but they started to become something much more than that. Nowadays, you can get bigger devices that can store more vape juice inside, and have several modifications available to them. You will be familiar with these devices from city centres, where individuals leave fruit-scented vape clouds behind in their wake.

How Accessible Is Vaping?

Arguably one of the reasons that vaping is here to stay compared to other popular trends in recent years is that it’s much more accessible than others. With some trends, they appear for a year in niche locations, with some stores opening up too late to capitalise.

That is not the case for vaping. It doesn’t matter what high street you find yourself in, there are sure to be a few locations available for you to shop at. If there is a brand that you like, then you should check their website to find out where they sell products and what range they have in general. Take Superior Vapour based in Bristol for example who are located in the Broadmead Shopping Centre. You can find this electronic cigarette specialist who also offers e-liquids in unique flavours, giving you options to search through or find your favourite.

No matter if you’re new to vaping, or you’re somewhat of a vaping veteran, there will be shops catered towards your interests and what you’re after. Whether that’s to do with the unique flavours of e-liquid that you’re after or something more concrete such as the devices and the mods themselves. All in all, you will find that it’s available to anyone, making it accessible to all.

Variety Of Vaping

Something that helps vaping stick out compared to other trends is how unique the experience can be for everyone involved. For example, most people will likely have a device unique to them, due to how many models are out there and the variations that can be made from them. Of course, you will have aesthetic elements such as the colour that can be changed, but you will be able to make changes such as physical ones.

Physical changes could be to do with the shape of the nozzle or the power of the battery. Some vapers have found that a slight change in the power of their batteries can yield unique results, which led to something known as sub-ohm vaping.

No two vapers will be alike for this reason, as they all have different settings on their devices and importantly, a unique relationship with vaping. Whether it’s the reasons as to why they vape, or their experience with it. You’ll find that everyone has a vaping tale to tell.

The Sub Culture

This has led to something known as a vaping subculture in the UK. This refers to the rise of vapers in the country and the attitude towards vaping as a result. The primary reason that people first got involved with vaping was to either cut down on smoking or switch completely. The reasons to do this was both financial and for health.

Traditional cigarettes are expensive to purchase so often, whereas vape e-liquids can last longer and cost a fraction of the price. You will have to one-off purchase your vaping device, but this should last you years until you want to upgrade, much like a phone.

In terms of your health, you are likely to still be ingesting nicotine, unless you have gone for 0% liquids, which do exist. What some people do is wean off of nicotine by lowering the amount they have over time. Away from nicotine, vaping also will not have you ingesting sticky tar, which can be terrible for your lungs. Whilst there are certainly more health benefits compared to smoking, it’s not exactly a clear-cut health solution. As such, you should consult a doctor about the pros and cons and what it could mean for you.

The Future Of Vaping

Whilst on the topic of potential health benefits, some believe that vaping will be able to incorporate specific oils that can ease you with anxieties and mental health issues. Whilst still unproven, it shows signs of the future of where vaping is going. It continues to evolve and expand the definition of vaping and will continue to do so for a while.