One of the core tenets associated with the recruitment sector is that a business will be required to keep moving forward. The evaluation and hiring process should theoretically represent a never-ending circle; allowing specialists to encounter the right talent for the right position. It can still be quite difficult to achieve this type of momentum if you happen to be working with a substandard website. It is important to mention that qualified candidates will often judge a book by its cover. In other words, a poorly developed web presence can lead to a rather questionable online reputation; not a good scenario if you are looking to attract the “cream of the crop”. What steps can you take in order to ensure that your portal is fully functional, attractive and informative?

The Issue of Aesthetics

The visual appearance of your recruitment website will leave a lasting impression upon any visitor. How easy is it for an individual to navigate between different pages? Is there a clear contact widget or has this option been relegated to the bottom of the homepage? Do all flash video presentations and high-definition images load quickly and correctly? Has your website been designed with a mobile-responsive framework so that it can be properly displayed on portable devices?

Whether referring to a free web store or a recruitment website that offers hundreds of categories for applicants to examine, these questions are just as relevant. In this sense, simplicity is often better than a portal laden with pop-up advertisements and similar elements. These will serve no other purpose other than to detract from the products and services that you have to offer. Clean pages reflect a notion of organisation and this will ultimately translate to how your recruitment enterprise is perceived.

Marketing Concerns

Recruitment will heavily involve online marketing and targeting the appropriate demographic. Thus, so-called “broadsword” approaches are often not recommended. This will waste time and energy. Know your audience. What is their average age? Are you hoping to appeal to a specific gender? What skill sets does the position in question require? Are there any candidates who should not bother applying? The answers to these (and other) question must be quite clear from the start if you hope to focus your efforts in the right direction. Working with well-known e-commerce providers such as Shopify will help you to find the answers to these questions.

Multi-channel marketing enables you to promote your company across numerous digital portals from within a single and centralised platform. Think of this concept in a similar manner to the hub of a wheel in relation to its spokes. You can post recent job openings, advertise any upcoming seminars and disseminate the latest information to within the recruitment sector. These actions will help to make the presence of your website known to the end user; increasing clickthrough rates and ultimately; conversions.

Please keep the suggestions mentioned above in mind if you wish to add a bit of impetus to your existing recruitment portal, as the results are very tangible indeed.