We fall in love by chance but stay in love by choice.

When you meet someone for the first time and immediately start having feelings for them, that’s chance. But being in a long-term relationship and wanting to keep it for the rest of your life, that’s choice.

You don’t and can’t force yourself to be in love with someone. When you fall in love, it’s like the entire universe conspired to make you feel that way without you doing anything about it. But when it comes to keeping a relationship strong for many, many years, you have to give it your all.

In other words, staying in love and keeping your relationship healthy and happy takes a lot of hard work and effort from both parties.

Keeping your relationship alive

To keep your relationship as healthy and as happy as possible, you need to be committed and to work hard for it. The rewards of all your effort will be well worth it in the end.

Communicate and stay connected.

Good communication is crucial to any relationship. It helps maintain a positive emotional connection between you and your lover, making you feel safe and happy. While stress and other factors can strain your connection, it’s important to communicate your feelings toward each other.

This is especially true if it has something to do with your sex life. For example, you might want to experiment with sex toys but are shy to tell your partner about it. It’s important that you communicate this to your partner so that they know how to please you in bed.

Always keep physical intimacy alive.

Physical intimacy is another crucial part of a romantic relationship. You and your partner should be sensitive to what you both like during intercourse. This is where how well you can communicate your needs and preferences to your partner comes in handy. If there’s anything you want to try in bed, you should discuss it with your lover to make love-making more pleasurable for both of you. If you want to buy sex toys for women, for example, then you should let your partner know about it and make them understand how these things can enhance your sex life.

Do activities together.

Another way to keep your bond stronger is to decide on activities that you can both enjoy together. This can be volunteering for a charitable cause. It can also be working out, running, or trekking at a nearby trail. It’s a fun way to connect and keep things interesting in your relationship. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that both of you are interested and are committed to doing it.

Never go to bed angry.

Anger can lead to stress, which can ultimately lead to various illnesses. Avoid going to bed while angry or upset. You have to decide to discuss the problem before you hit the sack. Make sure though to talk in a calm voice to avoid escalating the problem.

Go on vacations.

Whether together or separately, traveling is always good for everyone. It’s an excellent opportunity to unwind, discover new things, and enjoy life. Many healthy, happy couples take vacations separately and return to their partners more energized and enthusiastic.

Bottom line

Every couple has differences. But by being committed and going the extra mile to keeping your relationship healthy and happy, you’ll be able to surpass every obstacle, every trial.