If you’re in the market to purchase a brand-new watch, then don’t make any rash purchase decisions. Do your research and make sure the specs are up to scratch.

The New Year brings with it a blank canvas and a great opportunity to make a change, so if you’ve been thinking about splashing out on a luxury watch, then now is the time to go for it. If you purchase the right piece, then watches can be a fantastic investment, going up in value so long as you do your research and have a basic understanding of the market. But what should you be looking for when you buy your dream watch? Here are some important considerations to make this extravagant purchase.

Know Your Budget

Every watch shopper needs to have an idea of their budget before they begin browsing. Set yourself a strict upper limit, so that you’re not left disappointed when looking for watches that are out of your range. Watches can sell for millions, with the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona going for a cool £13.5 million, so unless you’re Roman Abramovich, there are bound to be some watch prices that are beyond your grasp. The good news is that you can get a lot of watches for between £500-£1000, and if this is your price range, then you’ll find that it opens the door to a number of designer watch brands. If you don’t have the cash to splash upfront then you could always take advantage of luxury watch finance to help you with your purchase.

Solid Stainless Steel

Of course, a watch is only as good as the materials that it’s made from and a quality piece will use solid stainless steel. Although Rolex watches use 904L, try to select a watch that is at least 316L steel, as at this level you can be assured that the metal won’t oxidise meaning that it will be resistant to rusting and corrosion. View your watch strap from the side to check that the steel links are solid rather than hollow. Cheaper pieces tend to be made from the hollow variety which are less sturdy.

Go Swiss

Although there are many fantastic watches in production all over the world, there is nothing quite like the mark of a Swiss-made watch. The Swiss have been acknowledged as one of greats in the time-keeping industry since the 16th century and are responsible for watch giants such as Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe. What makes Swiss watch movements so special is the handcrafted production that goes into each individual piece and the thorough quality checking that ensures the highest standard of mechanical accuracy. If you can afford a Swiss watch, then you won’t be disappointed.

Looking To Invest?

Try to decide upfront if you’re looking for a fashionable watch that is ‘of the moment’ or one that could represent a serious investment and stand the test of time. Some watches of course may fall into both categories. Limited edition pieces are a good bet as once they’re out of production their popularity tends to soar. You might also want to buy watches second-hand to lessen the depreciation that can occur when purchasing brand new.

Once you’ve got your budget in place, do some serious research, only go for quality materials, preferably made in Switzerland and look forward to showing off your newly accessorised wrist in 2018.