Due to the variety of coffee roasts and beans available, choosing the right type of coffee beans that suit your taste palate may seem daunting. A lot of questions may arise, what type of blend to try? Which roast should someone go for?

Technicalities aside, drinking coffee is all about the experience. And with every experience, a bit of know-how could help. Hence, this article offers a brief rundown of the most popularly available coffee beans, making you an informed member of the coffee society.

The four kinds of Coffee beans

Coffee beans can be categorised according to the origin, blend, roast, etc. But primarily, there are only four kinds of them, each offering a significantly different experience than the other. These are:


Among the different beans, Arabica is produced in the most significant quantity. Coupled with the robust distribution channel, they have become the go-to coffee beans for global coffee aficionados. They are also considered higher quality, a delightful choice for even those who haven’t tried coffee before. These beans are filled with rich flavour and an enchanting aroma but need to be handled delicately. The environment is vital in giving them the taste, so a place with lots of shade and continuous rainfall is ideal. Brazil, Columbia, and some other Central American countries grow the majority of the Arabica beans.


Right after Arabica, Robusta comes second among the most-produced coffee beans. They are common in Africa and Indonesia because the climate for growing them requires heat and humidity, somewhere without much rainfall and higher grounds. This type of bean has twice the amount of caffeine in it as Arabica does. Therefore, this would be the perfect choice for those who enjoy their coffee with sugar and milk. Robusta also carries quite the punch with its neutral to bitter taste that works wonders for those needing to keep awake.


Liberica beans are one of a kind since they are rather hard to come by. The rarest beans get their name from Liberia in West Africa, the place they originated. They have a reputation of appearing more prominent than most beans and have an indefinite shape. They also have one of the most delicate tastes; coffee tasters describe it as having a nutty, floral and smoky taste accompanied by a spicy, fruity finish that leaves a pleasing aftertaste in the mouth. So, feel privileged while drinking them.


Excelsa is a bean often referred to as a part of the Liberica bean family. But its taste would say otherwise, considering that they are significantly different. These coffee beans, in particular, have a distinct dark flavour to them, followed by a tart, fruity flavour. Nevertheless, the lingering coffee taste is pleasant, and this one will surely entice you to have another cup. It is also different in origin and primarily found in Southeast Asia. The yearly produce amounts to just around 7% of the world’s total coffee beans.