Do you know someone that has recently bought their first car? Everyone remembers when they first started driving and what a great feeling this was. Buying someone something for their new car can be a nice way to congratulate them and help them to enjoy their vehicle. People tend to think of air freshers as a car-related gift, but what else could you buy someone?

Comfort Gifts

There are a number of items that could make their car more comfortable and help them to get used to driving. A few examples include seat covers, a steering wheel cover, floor mats, Yankee candle car fragrances and a phone mount. These gifts can also help someone to personalise their vehicle and make it feel more like their own.

Maintenance Gifts

Owning a car is a big responsibility, especially when it comes to maintaining the vehicle. You will want to help a new driver to adjust to this and there are a number of maintenance-related gifts that they would find handy. A car cleaning kit, hand-held vacuum cleaner and windscreen cleaner are all good gifts for cleaning and washing the car. Another good option is an emergency car kit, which every motorist should have. Before they book MOT online, handy maintenance gifts like this can be useful particularly when you show them what they can do to prepare their car for the MOT.


These days, there are also plenty of entertainment gifts that you could give to improve their experience as a new driver. Bluetooth speakers, an iPad for the car, personalized keychain, cordless microphone and car stickers are just a few fun gift ideas that they are sure to appreciate.

Performance Gifts

There are also gifts that might help them to improve their performance, which could be helpful as a new driver that might be feeling anxious. A Sat-Nav is a great gift idea because this can take the stress out of driving to somewhere new and allows people to focus on the road. A dash cam is another good gift idea as it can help motorists to analyze their performance as well as have evidence if they are ever involved in an accident – it will also allow people to have a record of anything funny that happens while driving!

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for gifts to give someone that has recently started driving. This is an exciting time in their life and a thoughtful gift could help them to adjust to driving while bringing the two of you closer together. There are gifts in all kinds of categories, so it should not be too hard to find something that they will appreciate.