When it comes to lighting your home it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so many different choices. From basic overhead lighting to under-cabinet LED lighting and floor lamps, knowing where to start can feel impossible. This short guide offers you an overview of the 7 main types of light fixtures, helping you to work out where to begin with your own lighting.

  1. Wall Sconces

A wall sconce is a type of traditional light fixture that is fixed to a wall and the light is usually directed both upwards and outwards instead of down.  The beauty of these types of light is that they act as décor as well as being functional lights that save space on desks. There are many types of design you can choose from, making these lights ideal for any type of room.

  1. Pendant lighting and chandeliers

These types of light fixtures hang from the ceiling by a form of cord or chain and typically appear to be floating. More modern chandeliers feature a single bulb surrounded by tiers of material such as crystals or seashells whereas pendant ceiling bars include simple bulbs covered in a shade made from a wide variety of materials.

  1. Desk lamps

Desk lamps are usually adjustable and allow you to direct light to wherever you need it – the main reason they’re used for people who work on a computer screen or spend a lot of time writing or drawing at a desk.

  1. Table lamps

While these are similar to desk lamps, they don’t often have adjustable heads and are typically used to light a room as opposed to a focussed area. They’re designed to be placed on tables or nightstands and are perfect for almost any room you can think of. Some of the more modern table lamps come with dimmer switches to create a brighter or a more ambient atmosphere, depending on the time of day and your preference.

  1. Floor lamps

There are so many types of floor lamp to choose from. You can purchase small ones for bedrooms or bathrooms or, as are most popular, large lamps for dining and living rooms. There are arc lights, column or tripod lamps, general oversized floor lamps, and much more – there are so many options to choose from for brightening a room.

  1. Accent lighting

This is one of the more exciting types of lighting because each type adds something so unique to a room. The most popular types are neon lights, fairy lights, under-cabinet LED lighting to name a few. With so many choices on the market, you’ll be sure to find something as distinctive as you are.

  1. Track lights

These lights are installed onto a linear track and can be slid along to allow for targeted lighting on different sections of the room. These lights can be used as a form of accent lighting or general concentrated light for an office room that requires a high level of bright light for working.

And there you have it – a beginners guide to the 7 main types of light fixtures that you can use in your home. All that is left to do is to get creative, and see which lights encapsulate your design aesthetic.