Technology plays a big part in the business world today. No matter how big or how small your business is technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that help the business get profit and meet the demands of the customer.

Technological advancements overtime have come with their benefits in many sectors, including home, education such is the case with learning toys and vector technologies and business has not been left behind. Technology has improved how we conduct business having both tangible and intangible benefits. This has helped improve how businesses relate with their customers at the same time increasing revenue. Despite all this, it all boils down to will it be possible, both now and in the future to conduct businesses without relying on technology? Let’s find out.

The Efficiency of Operation

Technology enables businesses to have efficient and traceable cash flows contracts and agreements throughout the business period. With technology, you can save on time and space. And time in the essence that it’s easy to trace any inventory through the computer or internet and saves on space in the sense that there is not so much paperwork to be stored since it’s all stored by the computer. It also saves time through communication because it’s not a must for the director to travel to avail themselves for a meeting as they can teleconference.

Improved Communication

Technology has made the world seem like a small village. It’s easy for people to communicate with each other when they are worlds apart. This has made it easier for the business community to communicate with their consumers. Through communication, customers can order items directly from the business premises. Technology has saved both the consumer and the business owner time. The use of virtual communication has also contributed a lot. Companies are can hold a meeting in the virtual world without traveling. Businesses can also communicate with each other virtually saving on both cost and time of the business.


In businesses, there is a high risk of blackmail, threats, theft, and vandalism. It has occurred so many times in countless businesses. This is where the technology comes in. important documents such as financial statements, business plans are protected. In this era, competition is pretty stiff. This is why it’s mandatory to ensure data integrity protect your business information from your competitors through technology. Some businesses are moving fully online. MYMN has moved their business to become a fully online financial planning firm.


Before technology, it was really hard to do some of the business research. It took valuable time, space and resources to research. Technology has made it possible to do this researches with a touch of a button. A company that has the ability to get new ideas and opportunity through research has a head start in the business competition. The virtual technology has also made it possible for the companies to do experiments that may be harmful to people. The technology displaces the experiment and gives results as if it was real. This will save both the consumer and the business from getting hurt.


The main use of technology in a business is for production. Most manufacturing and processing companies use technology to produce their goods. It is easier done than using local labor. This reduces the risk of mistakes happening or accidents. It also saves on labor and time. The time saved up could be used to produce other products that can be beneficial to the company.


Imagine a world where marketing was only by word of mouth. The chances are not too many people will know about the products or services offered. It’s not just enough to make quality products and services. The need for technology in marketing has made some extremely great changes. It is easier to market your products and services through various social media platforms. Also, the use of advertisements through the television has made the marketing world a lot easier compared to before.

Another forgotten marketing strategy is the use of print. The shift to digital marketing has left a hungry audience who only desire to read rather than straining to find information on their gadgets. Reading printed content is easier as compared to digital.

Human Resource

Before technology, the only way businesses could announce vacancies was through the newspaper. People had to buy newspapers every day to search for jobs. Technology has made it easier for companies to offer jobs through the media. It’s easier for the company to receive any feedback through telephones and use of emails. This makes it easy for the human resource department to hire various people since people will send in their CVs through their emails. This reduces the risk of the documents getting lost and for the human resource team to be able to track people easily.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the only technology available capable of convincing human mind that it is somewhere else and at a different time. With virtual technology, the business world has been able to improve immensely, with VR technology; businesses can communicate, carry out researches and train people in the business. The same goes for team moral, virtual reality team building makes life easier for the business as it saves up a lot which contributes to the businesses profit.

Employee Monitoring

Employees are part of the business. It can be really challenging to monitor all of your employees, especially in large companies. Technology makes monitoring possible for all the employees. GPRs trackers can be placed in truck and delivery van to be able to track their movement from anywhere in the world. The company can use biometric technology to be able to cover for their employee’s participation in the company. It is easy to know who comes in late to work. Employee monitoring will make it easy for the management to know where there is wastage of time and fix it. It will also improve the participation of the employees.

In conclusion, the use of technology has proven to be of value to the business world than it was anticipated. A business wouldn’t be able to work or grow without the help of technology, especially in this century. It is mandatory to work up to speed with the ever-changing diversity of technology to make work easier and save time.